The Fandom Smackdown 2016

Star Trek vs. Star Wars!
“Who said that?”

So you think you know the movies, shows, and characters that make up your favorite Science Fiction property? You think you know what each character in each iteration said and how he or she said it? Want to prove how good you are? Want to show everyone why your fan favorites are better than every other property out there? Well, this is your chance to do it, chummer.

Feature: Writer's Track

Are you a writer? We have a lot of great panels that can help you with your writing.

Worldbuilding with History
Self Publishing
Magic Systems
Writer's workshop
How to write humorously
Manuscript to bookshelf
How to write an opening
Making a real future
PItch Crtiqiue
Writing with all 5 senses

Come pick up some tips from our guest authors!

Construction near the Marriott

If you attended last year's JordanCon, you may remember the construction that was going on outside the hotel. That construction is unfortunately still in progress (though it should be finished up before next year's Con).

This construction zone makes the sidewalk between the Marriott and MARTA pretty inaccessible. For those of you who do not want to try to walk through the construction zone, please remember that the hotel shuttle WILL transport you back and forth to the MARTA station, so don't forget to utilize that service!