JordanCon 6 Author, Artist, and Toastmasters Announced!

JordanCon 6 will be April 11 - 13th, 2014!

Our Author Guest of Honor will be Patrick Rothfuss.

Our Artist Guest of Honor will be Larry Elmore.

Our Toastmasters (yes, there's more than one) will be the cast of TWoTCast.

Check back on the site for more information on our guests in the upcoming weeks! Pre-registration will be available soon!

Ghost Tour Details

Our Guest of Honor for JordanCon V is Seanan McGuire, who writes urban fantasy and paranormal romance. We thought it might be fun if we organized a group to take advantage of the Roswell Ghost Tour. The last day to register for this is April 2nd, 2013. (Registration for this is closed)

Update for Charity Events

Charity Auction

It’s that time of the Con again to open your hearts and wallets to give to a very worthy cause and get some cool stuff in the process. This year, the Board of Directors at JordanCon has agreed that all proceeds from our Charity Auction will be donated to the family of David Farland to assist with the medical bills for his son Ben. Procedures for this year’s auction will be the same as last year. If you missed it or need a refresher, here they are:

Wolverton Cause

JordanCon believes in supporting good causes. Over the past 4 years of our existence, and going into our fifth active year we’ve supported the Mayo Clinic by helping them raise funds. With events like our Silent Auctions, Poker Tournaments, and Art Shows we’ve done our absolute best to try and do more.

Silent Auction proceeds to go to Wolverton family

JordanCon was very sad to learn that David Farland (AKA David Wolverton) would no longer be appearing at JordanCon this year and even sadder to learn that it was because his son, Ben, was in a life threatening accident. The JordanCon board of directors met this evening and all members present voted unanimously to donate the entire proceeds of our annual charity auction on Saturday night to the Wolverton family to offset Ben's astronomical medical bills.