Automated Email Issue

We are experiencing difficulties with our automated emails currently. There is a ticket in with our host and we will hopefully have it resolved within the next few days. Until then, password resets, new account emails, and signup confirmation emails for JordanCon will not be sent.

I will post again when the issue is resolved.

If you need your password or a password reset, please email webmaster@jordancon.org

Art Show Registration Open

We're pleased to announce that the Art Show Registration Form for JordanCon V is now live. If you wish to participate in the 2013 Art Show, we recommend you reserve your space as quickly as possible using our online Registration Form, since we anticipate that the show will sell out this year. You can find all the details about the Art Show in the Art Show menu. Please contact artshow@jordancon.org if you have any questions. See you at the show!

JordanCon 4 Contest Winners


Most Hours
Joe Campbell - over 16 hours in the Con Suite
Adam Goetz - over 9 hours



Art Show Awards

Judges' Choice Award: Joe O'Hara for his entire display of Wheel of Time art work
People's Choice Award for Best Wheel of Time art: Paul Bielaczyc for "Prince of Ravens"
People's Choice Award for Best Non-Wheel-of-Time Art: Sam Weber for "Mistborn"
People's Choice Award for Most Unique: Dim Horizon Studio for "Blood River"

Thank You

From Jennifer Liang (Con Chair):

"Thanks again to everyone who made another amazing JordanCon possible! From our guests, staff, vendors, artists and numerous volunteers, everyone helped make this one of our best and most successful conventions yet. We had 284 badges in circulation, raised over $7000 for the Mayo Clinic's Amyloidosis research fund and introduced a whole bunch of new folks to what's been described as 'the best kept secret in Atlanta'. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you again for JordanCon 5/ DeepSouthCon 51. Bring a friend."

Exclusive Reading and Art Display!

ROSWELL, GA-- JordanCon, a literary fantasy convention held near Atlanta, GA will host an exclusive viewing of the art of legendary science fiction and fantasy artist Darrell K. Sweet as well as a preview of the forthcoming final novel in the Wheel of Time series, A Memory of Light. Reading a selection from this highly anticipated conclusion to the series is Harriet McDougal, editor of the series and widow of its creator and author, Robert Jordan.