Writers Workshop

JordanCon's annual free-to-attend Writers' Workshop. Due to limited space, sign up in advance is required (via website or Registration Desk)

The format of the workshop is fairly simple. Upon submitting your 1000 (ish) words and genre, we will group you with one of our author or editor guests and 2 other participants, and you will all read the submitted works and give feedback on them and provide some discussion and back and forth. This is a great chance to get some eyes on your work and get to talk about the craft with both fellow attendees and our attending professionals.

PRE-REG IS CLOSED: If you still wish to participate, contact writers@jordancon.org, and be prepared to bring 4 printed copies of your 1000 word submission with you to the workshop.

Schedule info

Time slot: 
2017 April 21, 20:30
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