Unconventional Mediums

Art is often thought of as paint on canvas, charcoal on paper, or ink on board. Our panelists discuss the challenges and joys of working with alternative media and materials.

Moderator Andrea Fornero (an artist herself) will be guiding our artists in a discussion that touches on the specific techniques of their chosen media, but also covers the similarities and differences between their techniques and materials and those used by more conventional artists.

  • Leia Powell (Wildcat Mountain Artistry) is a stained glass artist and is known for her beautiful dragons, faeries, and decorative suncatchers and windows.
  • Sara Glassman (Medusa's Mirror) produces exotic and intricate wire necklaces and jewellry, rife with symbolism. (Little Known Fact: one of her necklaces was a finalist for for our Judge's Choice award the year that Michael Whelan juried the selection.)
  • Linda Taglieri is almost as famous for her detailed and beautiful textile work and needlework as she is for being the force behind The Thirteenth Depository.
  • Amy Romanczuk (Czukart) is a licensed Wheel of Time artist who works in traditional media, but is widely known for her beautiful psanky work.

Join us for what is certain to be a fascinating conversation!

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2017 April 22, 10:00
Art Show
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