Meet the Bird Whisperers!

Amanda Makepeace and Melissa Gay, founders of the #BirdWhispereProject, share the art that results when artists celebrate a shared love of our feathered friends by using the same visual references for their work.

Join us on Friday for this stunning visual introduction to the Bird Whisperer Project. Then, on Sunday, join us again for the Bird Whisperer Workshop, where you too can try your hand at creating your own original bird art and can even submit it to the official Bird Whisperer Project post for the month of April.

Anyone is invited to attend the panel, but if you'd also like to participate in the workshop, be sure to pre-register today, as space will be limited. Find out all the details on how you too can become a Bird Whisperer here.


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2017 April 21, 14:30
Art Show
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