Fog of War

We analyze the different approaches to battle-writing in the Wheel between Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. The differences are a hot topic in the fandom, but whichever one you like best, if you love battles this panel is for you!

Alan Romanczuk worked as one of Jordan's assistants for many years, and he also worked with Sanderson throughout the completion of the final three books. He brings this and his experience as a combat veteran to the table. Michael Livingston brings his experience as a writer; he has studied this particular topic in depth and has given dedicated lectures on it in the past. We're excited to have both of them here to discuss the nuances of battle-writing. We'll discuss what Sanderson has said about it in interviews and on social media, and we'll take questions from the audience.

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2017 April 22, 11:30
World of the Wheel
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