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Write What You don't Know

Sometimes, you need to leave that comfort zone and take a chance. But don't do it blindly. Examples, tips, and tricks for expanding your horizon.

Writers John Hartness, J.R. Mounts, Bobby Nash, Anthony Taylor 2017 April 21, 17:30
Writers Workshop

JordanCon's annual free-to-attend Writers' Workshop. Due to limited space, sign up in advance is required (via website or Registration Desk)

Writers Amy DuBoff, David B. Coe, Blue Cole, A. R. Cook, Milton Davis, Jason Denzel, John Hartness, Alex Hughes, Robyn Huss, Michael Livingston, Jana Oliver, Diana M. Pho, Ellie Raine, J.A. Sutherland, Anthony Taylor 2017 April 21, 20:30
Writers' Break-Out

Free-form discussion. Come get to know some of your fellow writer attendees and ease into the morning.

Writers Richard Fife 2017 April 23, 10:00
Writing Well-Rounded Characters

What does it mean to say a character is "well rounded", how does an author accomplish this, and how does it integrate into the story at large?

Writers David B. Coe, Jason Denzel, Michael Livingston, Diana M. Pho 2017 April 22, 10:00
YA Panel: Queens of the Apocalypse

Where we discuss the young women who rule the physical and political wastelands of dystopian YA literature.

Rivets & Robots Sean Hillman, A. J. Hartley, A. R. Cook, J.A. Sutherland 2017 April 22, 11:30