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TWoTCast Live

Join hosts Jono, Joe and Tom for a LIVE recording of our podcast! Drinking, interviews and games with prizes. Special guests: Jason Denzel, author of Mystic, and Alan Romanczuk, revered member of...

World of the Wheel Joe O'Hara, Jono Coulborn, Tom O'Hara, Alan Romanczuk, Jason Denzel 2017 April 21, 22:00
TWoTCast Live

Join hosts Jono, Joe and Tom for a LIVE recording of our podcast! Drinking, interviews and games with prizes. Special Guests: revered member of Team Jordan, Alan Romanczuk and -- never before...

World of the Wheel Joe O'Hara, Jono Coulborn, Tom O'Hara, Alan Romanczuk, Maria Simons 2017 April 22, 20:30
Unanswered Questions

Have any burning questions that weren't answered in A Memory of Light? We'll talk about all of these things, and we might even have some answers for you!

World of the Wheel Theresa Gray, Matt Hatch, Maria Simons, Robby Friedlander 2017 April 23, 14:30
Unconventional Mediums

Art is often thought of as paint on canvas, charcoal on paper, or ink on board. Our panelists discuss the challenges and joys of working with alternative media and materials.

Art Show L R Barrett-Durham (Powell), Andrea Fornero, Sara Glassman, Linda Taglieri, Amy Romanczuk 2017 April 22, 10:00
Urban Fantasy Hour

Stop in for a chat with and about the masters of Urban Fantasy

Swords & Sorcery John Hartness, Jana Oliver, Gerald L. Coleman, L R Barrett-Durham (Powell) 2017 April 23, 11:30
Using History in Fantasy

Come explore the peaks and pitfalls of using history in fantasy.

Swords & Sorcery Michael Livingston, David B. Coe, Clay Gilbert, Milton Davis 2017 April 21, 17:30
Viva Las Venus: Let's Take This Party To Orbit

In the future, in a time and place accessible from all times and places, Venus has become the go to planet for those who want to get away and experience a wild time. So put on your best SF themed...

Rivets & Robots Sean Hillman 2017 April 22, 20:30
Weapons of the Future

Let's talk about weapons of Sci Fi, those that go bang, pew pew, and stabby stab. Bring your favorite Cosplay or Prop/Collectable.

Rivets & Robots Sean Hillman, Charles E. Gannon, Nancy McCullough 2017 April 23, 11:30
Welcome to the Potterverse

Harry Potter, Hogwarts, Marauders, Fantastic Beasts, Cursed Child, Wizarding World, books, movies, theme parks. Let's discuss J.K. Rowling's universe.

Swords & Sorcery Thom Desimone, Erin DeSimone, Darin M. Bush 2017 April 21, 14:30
Win, Lose, or Draw

Start your morning with our hilarious take on the well-known game. Two teams, 4 artists, 2 sketchpads, and some sharpies. What could possibly go wrong?

Hosted by Jeff Jarvis, this panel has...

Art Show Michael Bielaczyc, Jeff Jarvis, Kelly Keuneke-Marts, Amanda Makepeace, Joe O'Hara 2017 April 22, 11:30
WoT for Beginners

New to the Wheel? Reading but not finished? Tagging along with a friend or significant other? Come to our orientation; we'll take questions and avoid spoilers.

World of the Wheel Ebony Adomanis, Aubree Pham, Theresa Gray 2017 April 21, 14:30
Write What You don't Know

Sometimes, you need to leave that comfort zone and take a chance. But don't do it blindly. Examples, tips, and tricks for expanding your horizon.

Writers John Hartness, J.R. Mounts, Bobby Nash, Anthony Taylor 2017 April 21, 17:30
Writers Workshop

JordanCon's annual free-to-attend Writers' Workshop. Due to limited space, sign up in advance is required (via website or Registration Desk)

Writers Amy DuBoff, David B. Coe, Blue Cole, A. R. Cook, Milton Davis, Clay Gilbert, John Hartness, Alex Hughes, Robyn Huss, Michael Livingston, Jana Oliver, Diana M. Pho, Ellie Raine, J.A. Sutherland, Anthony Taylor 2017 April 21, 20:30
Writers' Break-Out

Coffee and conversation. Come get to know some of your fellow writer attendees and ease into the morning the right way.

Writers Richard Fife 2017 April 23, 10:00
Writing Well-Rounded Characters

What does it mean to say a character is "well rounded" and how does an author accomplish this, and how does it integrate into the story at large?

Writers David B. Coe, Jason Denzel, Michael Livingston, Diana M. Pho 2017 April 22, 10:00
YA Panel: Queens of the Apocalypse

Where we discuss the young women who rule the physical and political wastelands of dystopian YA literature.

Rivets & Robots Sean Hillman, A. J. Hartley, A. R. Cook, J.A. Sutherland 2017 April 22, 11:30