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Science Fiction Trends: 2017

So what is coming in 2017 and 2018? What new trends and authors will you be following this year?

Rivets & Robots Sean Hillman, Blue Cole 2017 April 23, 13:00
Seanchan Hold'em

Annual Poker tournament with proceeds going towards the Mayo Clinic. Please arrive in Perimeter Pavilion around 8:30 to sign up / get seated. We'll begin promptly at 9 PM.

Gaming Ben Gundersen, Jamie Cybert 2017 April 21, 20:30
Selling Your Art Online

Patreon, Facebook, Etsy, Kickstarter - the list of online tools available for marketing and selling your art has never been longer. Or more overwhelming. Our experts provide tips and effective...

Art Show Michael Bielaczyc, Ariel Burgess, Andrea Fornero, Angela Sasser 2017 April 23, 13:00
Set up Camp

Craft items to create more atmosphere for your tabletop gaming. Build a tent and a fire pit using recycled materials. Students can make one of each or multiples of either kit.

Workshop Rick Hoffman 2017 April 22, 10:00
Shards of History

A talk about the research principles behind Michael Livingston's academic work and the Shards series with current research on the death of Harold at the Battle of Hastings.

Swords & Sorcery Michael Livingston 2017 April 22, 14:30
Signing: Charles Gannon

Book Signing with Charles Gannon

Main Charles E. Gannon 2017 April 23, 14:30
Sorting Hat: WoT Edition

What Hogwarts House would Rand be in? Join us and let's sort your favorite WoT characters into Hogwarts houses.

World of the Wheel Thom Desimone, Erin DeSimone, Darin M. Bush, Aubree Pham 2017 April 22, 10:00
Speed Friending

New to the con? Are you shy? Just want to meet new people? Join us for Speed Friending!

Main Jen Halbman, Danyelle Denham, Bill Nesbitt 2017 April 21, 17:30
Star Wars

The Force Awakened last year and now we're mourning the loss of Rogue 1. How do these "fit" and what's coming next?

Swords & Sorcery John Vots 2017 April 22, 16:00
Stephen Hickman: Only the Good Stuff

Our Artist Guest of Honor shares some highlights from his four-decades long career, as well as the work that earned him a Hugo Award and 6 Chesleys.

Art Show Stephan Hickman 2017 April 22, 13:00
Stormlight Discussion

Discuss the Stormlight Archive series. Spoilers abound. Save speculation for the Speculation panel

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson Billy Todd, Heidi Byrd, Karen Marks 2017 April 22, 13:00
Streaming Atmo: The Past, Present, and Future of Military SF

Military Science Fiction has been a staple of the greater genre for a long time. Indeed some of the earliest science fiction touched on war and the terrible consequences of conflict. Military SF...

Rivets & Robots Sean Hillman, Charles E. Gannon 2017 April 21, 16:00
Sunday with the Sith: Star Wars Rebels & The Old Republic

The Star Wars Rebels TV show is carving its own niche into the Star Wars Universe. It has brought into canon elements of the old Expanded Universe and especially the Old Republic. Let us take a...

Rivets & Robots Sean Hillman, Alex Hughes 2017 April 23, 10:00
Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, in your Pajamas. Come dance the night away at our Pajama Dance Party (public appropriate PJs only please)

Main Paul Bielaczyc
Symbolism of the Wheel

Linda of the Thirteenth Depository gives a presentation on the profuse and nuanced symbolism in the Wheel of Time.

World of the Wheel Linda Taglieri 2017 April 23, 11:30
Ta'veren Boys & Wonder Girls

A discussion about the diferences in how our main boys and girls coped with life in a female-dominated world.

World of the Wheel Drew McCaffrey, Ebony Adomanis, Maria Simons 2017 April 23, 13:00
The Cosmette

What might Reckoners, Rithmatist, and Apocalypse Guard all have in common?

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson Billy Todd, Sarah Fletcher, Deana Whitney, Heidi Byrd 2017 April 23, 10:00
The Wheel of the End Times

Following up on our great panel from last year, we examine The Wheel of Time from a Science Fiction point of view. This year we tackle a Wheel of Time built on diesel, chrome, and the end of...

Rivets & Robots Sean Hillman, Alan Romanczuk, Theresa Gray 2017 April 22, 13:00
The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs

From Mars to Tarzan this author took us with him as he explored the amazing unknown planes. Come with us as we talk to those who know the worlds the best and share in the experiences he brought to...

Swords & Sorcery L R Barrett-Durham (Powell), Martin Powell, Stephan Hickman 2017 April 21, 16:00
Tor to Come

Preview of upcomming releases from Tor books

Main Diana M. Pho 2017 April 22, 13:00