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Colored Pencil Techniques for Adult Coloring & Illustration

An introduction to the use of colored pencils as a professional art medium, with techniques you can also use in adult coloring. Fantasy illustrator Charles Urbach, who uses colored pencils...

Art Show Charles Urbach
Comics and Graphic Novels: not just for children!

Comics, Graphic Novels and how they are affecting our reading habits.

Swords & Sorcery J.R. Mounts, Martin Powell, L R Barrett-Durham (Powell) 2017 April 23, 13:00
Cosmere Hearts

We hypothesize absurdist situations for Brandon's characters from the Cosmere (and elsewhere) to interact. What would happen?

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson Billy Todd, Trae Cooper, Ravi Persaud 2017 April 21, 17:30
Cosmere Magic 101

Learn why and how all these different Cosmere magic systems are manifestations of the same system with overarching rules and principles

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson Billy Todd, Trae Cooper, Miles Parker, Ethan Sivek 2017 April 22, 11:30
Cosmere Speculation

*Plausible* speculation about the past, present, and future of the Cosmere. Spoilers abound.

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson Billy Todd, Karen Marks, Glen Vogelaar 2017 April 22, 14:30
Costume Contest and Jordan Con Awards Ceremony

Come watch our costumers present their master works as we present the second annual Jordan Con Awards.

Main Charles E. Gannon, Harriet McDougal, Aubree Pham, Jason Denzel 2017 April 22, 17:30
Creating Scale Mail

Create ringed scale mail. The small square sample can become part of a larger piece later. Tool and scales are included in the supplies cost.

Teacher is part of the SCA Demo hosted at the...

Workshop Walker Hutcheson 2017 April 22, 13:00
Daes Dae'mar

Come show off your WoT knowledge in our craziest trivia event. Bring your friends, or join a team and make new ones!

World of the Wheel
Theresa Gray, Ebony Adomanis 2017 April 23, 10:00

Wheel of Time themed Werewolf! Come on down and play! Kill your friends as the Darkfriend or Hunt some Darkfriends as one of the villagers!

Gaming 2017 April 21, 14:30
Delphic Oracle

Come see a mix of guests become the mighty "Delphic Oracle", a hive mind that will answer any and all of your questions. A fun, creative improv game.

Writers Darin M. Bush, David B. Coe, John Hartness, Alex Hughes, Jana Oliver 2017 April 22, 14:30

Dieselpunk. What is it? Let's talk the artists, authors, and movie makers of Dieselpunk.

Rivets & Robots Sean Hillman 2017 April 22, 16:00
Diversity in Fantasy

Ethnic Diversity is an ever growing field in Fantasy as authors break through the barriers of whitewashing and address other cultures. How is this affecting the books we read? Come on in and let's...

Swords & Sorcery Milton Davis, Jana Oliver 2017 April 22, 11:30
Diversity in Writing

Other cultures and ethnicities shouldn't just be after-thoughts. Our panel explores the idea of diversity in writers, readers, and writing itself.

Writers Gerald L. Coleman, Milton Davis, Amy DuBoff, Ellie Raine 2017 April 22, 13:00
Dragon Scales – Embellishment styles

Learn embroidery styles that create beautiful dragon scales perfect for working on a coat or other item.
This is a beginner to intermediate embroidery class. The teacher assumes all...

Workshop Ren Fridenberg 2017 April 21, 17:30
Dresden Files

Big fan of Bob? Bigger fan of the Za Lord? Come chat about what's up in Chicago! About what you ask? Come join us and you'll find out!

Swords & Sorcery Thom Desimone, Chris Lipnickas, Jenna Sellars, Erin DeSimone, Darin M. Bush 2017 April 22, 13:00
Dresden Files RPG Session

Boston is being plagued by a warlock who is using dark rites to summon a legendary evil. When the white council of wizards sends a bunch of green wardens to deal with it, will they succeed?

Gaming 2017 April 22, 20:30
East Texas University RPG

Learn real life skills at East Texas University. Competitive degree fields in foot ball, theoretical French literature of the 1930's, and demon binding will prepare you for real life challenges!...

Gaming 2017 April 21, 20:30
Feedback & Leavetakings

Feedback & Leavetakings

Main 2017 April 23, 16:00
Fog of War

We analyze the different approaches to battle-writing in the Wheel between Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. The differences are a hot topic in the fandom, but whichever one you like best, if...

World of the Wheel Michael Livingston, Alan Romanczuk, Thom Desimone, Theresa Gray 2017 April 22, 11:30
Forge Your Hammer

Group therapy to help you overcome your Perrin trauma! Skip Perrin chapters on rereads? Dread Crossroads of Twilight? Wonder what caused book lag? Join us and we will help you overcome it...

World of the Wheel Harriet McDougal, Maria Simons, Robby Friedlander, Theresa Gray 2017 April 21, 16:00