Historical Panels

Session Con Year Presenter(s)
Heavy Fighting in the SCA

Members of the Society for Creative Anachronism will demonstrate historical armored combat.

2015 John Vots

Henna artist Elizabeth Tong will demonstrate the basics of making and applying henna

2016 Elizebeth Tong
Henna Tattoos

Come Learn some basics of how to make and give henna tattoos.

2015 Elizebeth Tong
Hero's Journey

A lecture on the Mono-Myth and Campbell's Hero's Journey

2013 Debra Dixon
History and Fantasy Hour

A discussion about mixing fantasy with history and keeping it accurate.

2012 Mary Robinette Kowal, Michael Livingston
History of Atlanta Fandom

Atlanta's con scene once included more than just Dragon*Con. Reminisce about Atlanta Comics & Fantasy Faire, Dixie Trek, and more!

2013 Sue Phillips, M. Lee Rogers, Ron Zukowski, Ned Brooks
Horror Hour

Say that three times fast and see what spooky thing shows up!

2015 James R. Tuck, Anthony Taylor, L R Barrett-Durham (Powell), James A. Moore, Charles R. Rutledge
Hour with Larry Elmore

Spend an hour with Larry Elmore as he talks about whatever and answers whatever else.

2014 Larry Elmore, tWoTcast
How NOT to run a convention

Experienced convention runners relay what not to do if you are planning to start a convention.

2016 Warren Buff, James Fulbright, Tera Fulbright, Brandy Spraker, Derek Spraker
How to Polish

What tools, tips, and tricks are there to taking that first draft up to a final?

2014 Eugie Foster, Idaliz Seymour, Paul Stevens, Toni Weisskopf, Debra Dixon, Peter Ahlstrom
I've Seen the Future and it's E-Books

A discussion on ebooks and the future of publishing.

2012 Emilie P. Bush, Peter Ahlstrom, Will Kenyon
Illian's National Trivia Bee

Pick your question out of the hat and test your individual WoT knowledge against other fans! [Sign up at time of event.]

2012 Shannan Lieb
Improv Games

Learn the basics of improv in a fun and supportive group with a variety of different games.

2016 Jennifer Austin
In Memoriam: Darrel K. Sweet

Celebrating the life & works of legendary artist, Darrell K. Sweet.

2012 Jason Denzel, Sam Weber, Darrell R Sweet
Influences on Sanderson

Religious, mythological, political, and literary influences on Sanderson works

2015 Billy Todd, Stephen Stinnett, Trae Cooper
Introduction to The Southern Fandom Confederation.

Present and Past Officers of the SFC answer your questions.

2016 Jennifer Liang, Randy Cleary, Tom Feller, G. Patrick Molloy, Warren Buff
Iron Artist Competition

Artists face-off to deliver art fitting a specific theme while the clock is ticking. Final art to be donated to the charity auction. Come watch!

2015 Michael Bielaczyc, Paul Bielaczyc, Sam Flegal, Melissa Gay, Ben McSweeney, A.L. Ashbaugh
Is it Fantasy or Sci-Fi?

A discussion of the differences between these often-linked genres and why (other) people don't take them seriously enough!

2012 Emilie P. Bush, Mary Robinette Kowal, Michael Livingston
Isaac and Ben

Isaac and Ben talk about Graphic design/art

2015 Isaac Stewart, Ben McSweeney, Stephen Stinnett
Isaac Stewart and Ben McSweeney

A chance to sit down with our guests in a small gathering. Registration required. Sign ups will be held each day when registration opens.

2015 Isaac Stewart, Ben McSweeney