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Friday Dinner Break

Go Eat!

Friday Dinner Break

Dinner Break! Go Eat! Take some of those new friends and introduce them to your old friends!

Friday Night Dinner

Go Eat!

Friday Night Magic

Open gaming for Magic the Gathering.

Friday Night Magic

Open gaming for Magic the Gathering.

Friday Night TV

Friday Night Fantasy- A Game of Thrones!

*Some content not suitable for all ages

From cutout to person

Discussion on how to flesh out those flat characters without just making them a jumble of quirks.

2015 Blue Cole, Jim Hodgson, Jeremy Hicks
From Metropolis to the Matrix: An Artistic Evolution

Join us as we explore the evolution of the "look" of Science Fiction through cover art, illustration and popular media

2016 John Picacio, Melissa Gay, Catherine Asaro, Charles Urbach
From Reference to Final

How do professional artists meet their deadlines? Four artists reveal how they approach their projects, from reference photos and text to finished art.

2015 Ariel Burgess, Michael Bielaczyc, Melissa Gay, Edsel Arnold
FTL: Why We Can't; How We Can; If We Should

Faster than Light travel is thought to be the greatest improbable dream we hold for science. Einstein says nothing exceed the speed of light, but that does not keep great minds from trying. What...

2016 Catherine Asaro
General Fighting Demo

Members of the Society for Creative Anachronisms will demonstrate general fighting techniques.

2015 John Vots
Girls in Fantasy

A look at women's roles in fantasy and how they're changing.

2016 L R Barrett-Durham (Powell), Catherine Asaro, A. R. Cook, Jason Denzel, Blue Cole
Going for a Laugh

Drama is easy, comedy is hard. A discussion of the craft of humorous writing.

2016 Jim Hodgson, Louise Herring-Jones, Mickey Dubrow
Going for the Scream

A discussion of the beast that is the Horror Genre and how to go about your grisly work.

2015 L R Barrett-Durham (Powell), Charles R. Rutledge, James A. Moore
Gritty Writing

Elves fart too, but why should we read about it? A discussion on the grittier sides of writing.

2014 James R. Tuck, John Hartness, Alex Hughes
Harriet McDougal Signing


2012 Harriet McDougal
He Did What?

We love the Wheel of Time, but we don't always agree with some of the choices made. Tune in here for least favorite moments and bonehead moves by our beloved characters.

2015 Maria Simons, Randy Word, Linda Taglieri, Christopher Cottingham
Hearts Tournament

Join in with this hallowed Deep South Con tradition!

Hearts Tournament

Deep South Con's traditional Hearts Tournament 8:30 until finish.

Hearts Tournament

Deep South Con's traditional Hearts Tournament. This is to determine cuts for the final tables Saturday evening.