Historical Panels

Session Con Year Presenter(s)
Brandon Sanderson Reading

Brandon reads from Stormlight 3

2016 Brandon Sanderson
Brandon Sanderson Signing

Brandon Sanderson signing

2014 Brandon Sanderson
Brandon Sanderson Write-a-thon

Continuing from the event on January 17th, find the story so far at WaygateFoundation.org>

2014 Brandon Sanderson
Brandon Sanderson Writing Lecture

Brandon gives his lecture on Point of View and its uses.

2016 Brandon Sanderson
Breakfast & Books Featuring Verin

In Honor of Verin's own very special books, we'll start this session of Breakfast & Books with a review of Verin's life's work.

2012 Maria Simons, Jen Halbman, Linda Taglieri
Building Steampunk Characters

Not exactly a costuming class, almost a character development discussion, but understanding the look and purpose of Steam characters gives you focus - or maybe a convention persona!

2015 Emilie P. Bush
CAGEMATCH: Fantasy vs. Sci-fi

Two teams dream up the baddest collection of Sci-Fi & Fantasy knwoledge to pit against each other in a CAGE MATCH. Congoers vote and winners will be announced during the Social!

2012 Tiffany Franklin
Character Focus: Kelsier

Discussion of Mistborn's Kelsier: Discussion of the character, his impact on the series, and influences on Sanderson that appear in his design.

2016 Billy Todd, Stephen Stinnett, Alice Arneson
Charity Art Jam

Each member of our team of professional artists is on the clock to deliver an original work of art around a specific theme in just an hour. Join us to watch what they come up with! All art created...

2016 Sam Flegal, Joe O'Hara, Melissa Gay, Michael Bielaczyc, Paul Bielaczyc, A.L. Ashbaugh
Classic Spotlight: The Three Musketeers

An hour with the men who make the blend of swords and guns look good on TV and in books. All for one and one for all!

2015 April Moore, Tiffany Franklin
Clothing and Costuming in the Wheel of Time World

Real world influences on clothing in the series.

2013 Linda Taglieri, April Moore, Ariel Burgess
Cogs and Cocktails

A place for conversation and libation.

Cogs and Cocktails

A place for conversation and libation.

2015 Peter B. Slayer
Collaborative Writing

Sometimes, one writer just isn't enough. But how do two writers work together without killing each other?

2014 James R. Tuck, Anthony Taylor, Balogun Ojetade, L R Barrett-Durham (Powell)
Colored Pencil Techniques for Adult Coloring & Illustration

An introduction to the use of colored pencils as a professional art medium, with techniques you can also use in adult coloring. Fantasy illustrator Charles Urbach, who uses colored pencils...

2016 Charles Urbach
ConFederation Reunion

In 1986, Atlanta hosted the 44th annual WorldCon. The Exec Committee recalls the struggles and triumphs.

2013 M. Lee Rogers, Ron Zukowski, Don Cook, Bill Ritch
Copies of the Pattern

Come join in exchanging and copying patterns for costume. Workshop of $10 required for materials.

2013 Heather Uribe
Coptic Book Binding for your Chasmfiend Sketch Book

Come learn how to sew together a sketch book of your own. Create a place to store your drawings of the Flora and Fauna of Roshar, or anything else you like to draw. You will learn a coptic stitch...

2015 Missy Lindsey
Cosmere Looney Theories

Famous WoT Looney Theories Panel, brought to the Cosmere

2015 Stephen Stinnett, Rachel Little, Trae Cooper, Susan Martin
Cosmere Magic 101

Learn why and how all these different Cosmere magic systems are manifestations of the same system with overarching rules and principles

2016 Billy Todd, Stephen Stinnett, Trae Cooper, Ted Herman