Current Panels

Session Track Presenter(s) Time slot
2nd Annual JordanCon D&D Arena Round 1

Battle to the death, in D&D style arena combat! Easy to play, no prior XP needed. Winner goes on! Treasure and bragging rights to the champion!

Gaming 2017 April 21, 16:00
Annual Illian Trivia Bee

Come and try your Trivia skills in the annual Illian Trivia Bee! Individual competition.

World of the Wheel Theresa Gray 2017 April 22, 16:00
Art Show & Dealer Hall - Final Sales

Come pay for the art you won in the Art Show's silent auction, pick up that print you've had your eye on, or make last minute purchases in our Dealer's Hall. If you think you might have won...

Art Show Paul Bielaczyc, April Moore
Art Show & Dealer Hall - Open for Business

The Art Show & Dealer Hall is open from 2:30 PM until 7 PM on Friday.

The JordanCon Charity Auction team will be stationed in the middle of the Dealer Hall during regular business...

Art Show Paul Bielaczyc, April Moore
Art Show & Dealer Hall - Saturday Hours

The Art Show & Dealer Hall is open from 10 AM until 7 PM on Saturday.

The JordanCon Charity Auction will be running right in the...

Art Show Paul Bielaczyc, April Moore
Baen Travelling Road Show (with prizes!)

A preview of upcoming works from Baen Books.

Main Toni Weisskopf 2017 April 23, 11:30
Become a Bird Whisperer!

A unique opportunity to make a drawing or painting under the direction of both founding members of the Bird Whisperer Project! Workshop participants may admit their bird art into the official Bird...

Workshop Melissa Gay, Amanda Makepeace
Behind the Scenes

Karen and Peter Ahlstrom dish on the inner workings of Brandon's operation.

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson Billy Todd, Peter Ahlstrom, Karen Ahlstrom 2017 April 22, 16:00
Blademaster Practice Session

Come practice for the Blademaster tournament.

Main Bao Pham, Chip Moore, Kelcey Casson, Ben Gundersen 2017 April 21, 14:30
Blademaster Tournament

There are two ways to become a blademaster. Vie with other attendees for the chance to fight against a blademaster to become a blademaster.

Main Bao Pham, Chip Moore, Kelcey Casson, Ben Gundersen 2017 April 21, 16:00
Book Spotlight: Mistborn 1

We discuss Mistborn as a novel. Topics include story structure and pacing, characterization, and how Brandon's style and skills have evolved since writing it.

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson Billy Todd, Trae Cooper, Ted Herman 2017 April 21, 16:00
Breakfast with Books

What have you read since last year that we just have GOT to pick up? What was so awesome you can't believe no one's read it? This is a round table conversation about the great things happening in...

Swords & Sorcery Tiffany Franklin 2017 April 23, 10:00
Bringing Your Writing To Your Game

Games are written too! Whether a board game with lore and story, or a DM's homebrewed campaign setting, the craft has many applications.

Writers Michael Bielaczyc, Charles E. Gannon, Jon Hermsen 2017 April 21, 14:30
Business of Writing

Things to think about when it comes to making money off your book, whether traditionally published or self-pub.

Writers Laura Fitzgerald, Jeremy Hicks, Harriet McDougal, J.A. Sutherland 2017 April 23, 11:30
Character Focus: Wayne and Lift

Wayne and Lift are beloved comic characters. We discuss their similarities, differences, and how they are used differently.

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson Billy Todd, Deana Whitney, Ted Herman 2017 April 23, 14:30
Character, Setting, Conflict, and WRITE!

A workshop to help practice quickly putting pen to paper, and then to share and get some feedback. Bring something to write with, because you will be.

Writers A. R. Cook, Jeremy Hicks, Robyn Huss 2017 April 22, 16:00
Charity Art Jam

Our team of professional artists are on the clock to deliver an original work of art around a specific theme in just one hour. Join us to watch what they come up with!

Art Show A.L. Ashbaugh, Michael Bielaczyc, Paul Bielaczyc, Melissa Gay 2017 April 21, 17:30
Cinema of the Apocalypse

Is a cyborg hunting you in the ruins of Ole Topeka? Is some mad man trying to steal your gas? Has some dictator set up shop in a prison/army base/ old library and doesn't like your face? Well then...

Rivets & Robots Sean Hillman, Anthony Taylor, A. J. Hartley 2017 April 22, 14:30
Classic Literature Focus: Alice in Wonderland

This year, we're going on a trip for our classic focus! Let's revisit everyone's favorite alternate universe as we go through the looking glass~!

Swords & Sorcery Tiffany Franklin, Martin Powell 2017 April 22, 10:00
Coffee With Cosmonauts

Good Morning, Comrades. In Soviet Russia the coffee may be vintage World War II, but the SF was fresh and groundbreaking. Drink up! Art, literature, and film of the Soviet Union was surprisingly...

Rivets & Robots Sean Hillman, Charles E. Gannon 2017 April 22, 10:00