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Friday April 21st, 2017

Learn embroidery styles that create beautiful dragon scales perfect for working on a coat or other item.
This is not a beginner's embroidery class. The teacher assumes all students will be able to do basic embroidery techniques such as stem stitch.

JordanCon's annual free-to-attend Writers' Workshop. Due to limited space, sign up in advance is required (via website or Registration Desk)

Annual Poker tournament with proceeds going towards the Mayo Clinic. Please arrive in Perimeter Pavilion around 8:30 to sign up / get seated. We'll begin promptly at 9 PM.

Saturday April 22nd, 2017

Craft items to create more atmosphere for your tabletop gaming. Build a tent and a fire pit using recycled materials. Students can make one of each or multiples of either kit.

Create colorful designs using paints on silk, perfect for a Red Hand or other pennant. Students will make a small square silk banner.
Class is part of the SCA demo.

Create ringed scale mail. The small square sample can become part of a larger piece later. Tool and scales are included in the supplies cost.

Teacher is part of the SCA Demo hosted at the convention.

Beginners guide to Japanese Temari. Temari balls are scrap cloth wrapped in layers of yarn, crochet thread, sewing thread, then embroidered with geometric designs.
Students will learn to create the core ball in this class. Finish the ball before the second section of the class on Sunday.

Sunday April 23rd, 2017

2017 April 23, 11:30

How to make simple divisions and stitches for basic designs on Temari Balls with the core ball made in class 1. All Materials will be provided, $10.00
This is a continuation of Satuday's class where students learned to make the core balls.

2017 April 23, 14:30

A unique opportunity to make a drawing or painting under the direction of both founding members of the Bird Whisperer Project! Workshop participants may admit their bird art into the official Bird Whisperer Project post for the month of April. Learn how each artist's bird drawing becomes a personal expression of self, and get tips on how you can do it, too!

This is the workshop section of Friday's "Meet the Bird Whisperer!" presentation. Attendance of that panel is not required to attend the workshop.