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Friday April 21st, 2017

Welcome to our ninth annual JordanCon's Opening Ceremonies Extravaganza!

Art Show
2017 April 21, 16:00
2017 April 21, 17:30
2017 April 21, 19:00

The Art Show & Dealer Hall is open from 2:30 PM until 7 PM on Friday.

The JordanCon Charity Auction team will be stationed in the middle of the Dealer Hall during regular business hours to accept your donations for Saturday's Charity Auction to benefit the Mayo Clinic's Amyloidosis research.

World of the Wheel

New to the Wheel? Reading but not finished? Tagging along with a friend or significant other? Come to our orientation; we'll take questions and avoid spoilers.

Video demo of a painting from the planning stages to the finished product. Including a hands on practice for how to get the hair right. Learn from a professional about basic tools and resources to get started with watercolor, with participants Q&As.

Harry Potter, Hogwarts, Marauders, Fantastic Beasts, Cursed Child, Wizarding World, books, movies, theme parks. Let's discuss J.K. Rowling's universe.

Amanda Makepeace and Melissa Gay, founders of the #BirdWhispereProject, share the art that results when artists celebrate a shared love of our feathered friends by using the same visual references for their work.

Come practice for the Blademaster tournament.

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson

Discussion of Brandon's shorter works. Includes those in Arcanum Unbounded and stand-alone works.

Games are written too! Whether a board game with lore and story, or a DM's homebrewed campaign setting, the craft has many applications.

A great way to start off the convention is by hitting the science in our Science Fiction right off the bat. As we do every year, the panelists will discuss a selection of science topics from the previous and current year. Audience participation is encouraged. If you have a science specialty of your own, definitely come and share the exciting news from your profession. In addition, we will discuss how these new discoveries affect our Science Fiction creations.

Wheel of Time themed Werewolf! Come on down and play! Kill your friends as the Darkfriend or Hunt some Darkfriends as one of the villagers!

Readings by Author Guests David B Coe and Jason Denzel

Group therapy to help you overcome your Perrin trauma! Skip Perrin chapters on rereads? Dread Crossroads of Twilight? Wonder what caused book lag? Join us and we will help you overcome it!

Our special guest Harriet McDougal will be reading some of our favorite Perrin passages. Don't miss it!

Ever had a pattern you love, but it needs a few changes to work for a new outfit?
Learn to alter your patterns so you don't have to buy a new one every time. Learn to alter the final look of a design with a few simple changes.

Students will practice various methods with a paper bodice pattern to create new patterns.
Please note this class is not how to sew a pattern or how to make a pattern fit you.

From Mars to Tarzan this author took us with him as he explored the amazing unknown planes. Come with us as we talk to those who know the worlds the best and share in the experiences he brought to our living rooms, libraries, and midnight-under-the-blanket readings.

There are two ways to become a blademaster. Vie with other attendees for the chance to fight against a blademaster to become a blademaster.

Battle to the death, in D&D style arena combat! Easy to play, no prior XP needed. Winner goes on! Treasure and bragging rights to the champion!

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson

We discuss Mistborn as a novel. Topics include story structure and pacing, characterization, and how Brandon's style and skills have evolved since writing it.

Whether using the 3-Act format or the Hero's Journey, structure is what makes a story readable, and sometimes even writeable.

Military Science Fiction has been a staple of the greater genre for a long time. Indeed some of the earliest science fiction touched on war and the terrible consequences of conflict. Military SF is changing and evolving year by year, so let's discuss where we have come from and where we are going.

Readings by Author Guests A.J. Hartley and Michael Livingston

World of the Wheel

Come learn about Maiden handtalk, or: American Sign Language and Linguistics!

Learn embroidery styles that create beautiful dragon scales perfect for working on a coat or other item.
This is a beginner to intermediate embroidery class. The teacher assumes all students will know how to hold a needle. Stem stitch and other basic embroidery techniques will be used to create textures like dragon scales and wolf fur.

Come explore the peaks and pitfalls of using history in fantasy.

Our team of professional artists are on the clock to deliver an original work of art around a specific theme in just one hour. Join us to watch what they come up with!

New to the con? Are you shy? Just want to meet new people? Join us for Speed Friending!

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson

We hypothesize absurdist situations for Brandon's characters from the Cosmere (and elsewhere) to interact. What would happen?

Sometimes, you need to leave that comfort zone and take a chance. But don't do it blindly. Examples, tips, and tricks for expanding your horizon.

In the long history of Science Fiction there have been many voices who have gone relatively unnoticed because of their politics, their gender, the color of their skin, or simply the time period they were active. So much beauty has been lost or ignored among the writers, artists, and movie makers you might not have heard of. This panel will expose you to new ideas and perspectives and give you a host of new voices to dive into to satisfy your SF itch.

Readings by Author Guests Blue Cole and Amy DuBoff

Seating is limited! Come play in our 2nd homebrew Wheel of Time D&D 5e hybrid!

A merchant in Kowal has been extremely successful lately. Some have begun to think it a little supernatural. The adventurers have been hired to investigate

Join us and bring all your loony theories about the myriad Talents in the Wheel of Time!

Dive into the meticulous worldbuilding and the other literary strategies that bring both the Caine Riordan universe and TWoT to life!

2017 April 21, 22:00

Your chance to show of your singing skills or lack there of at our annual Karaoke night.

Learn real life skills at East Texas University. Competitive degree fields in foot ball, theoretical French literature of the 1930's, and demon binding will prepare you for real life challenges!

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson

Bring your haikus, keteks, limericks, beat poems, and diss tracks, but bring no shame because we left ours at the door.

JordanCon's annual free-to-attend Writers' Workshop. Due to limited space, sign up in advance is required (via website or Registration Desk)

The Friday Fandom Smackdown is back! Well, the Smackdown was so much fun last year we moved it to a new position on the schedule so we can have even more smack! This year pits the mega giants of Marvel and DC against one another. Will the fans of Marvel continue the big M's success or will the dedicated followers of DC make 2017 the year of Detective Comics! Get your team of 5 together and get ready to fight.

Annual Poker tournament with proceeds going towards the Mayo Clinic. Please arrive in Perimeter Pavilion around 8:30 to sign up / get seated. We'll begin promptly at 9 PM.

Learn real life skills at East Texas University. Competitive degree fields in foot ball, theoretical French literature of the 1930's, and demon binding will prepare you for real life challenges!

Join hosts Jono, Joe and Tom for a LIVE recording of our podcast! Drinking, interviews and games with prizes. Special guests: Jason Denzel, author of Mystic, and Alan Romanczuk, revered member of Team Jordan. Plus, Bar Master fight! Who will win the Heron Mark for their drink-making abilities?

Saturday April 22nd, 2017

Art Show
2017 April 22, 11:30
2017 April 22, 13:00
2017 April 22, 14:30
2017 April 22, 16:00
2017 April 22, 17:30
2017 April 22, 19:00

The Art Show & Dealer Hall is open from 10 AM until 7 PM on Saturday.

The JordanCon Charity Auction will be running right in the middle of the Dealer Hall this year, from 10 AM until 7 PM, so don't forget to bid early and often!

SPECIAL EVENT: If you can't attend our Author Guest of Honor's book signing on Sunday due to your travel plans, you can catch him at the Missing Volume bookseller booth in the Dealer Hall at 2 PM on Saturday.

What Hogwarts House would Rand be in? Join us and let's sort your favorite WoT characters into Hogwarts houses.

Craft items to create more atmosphere for your tabletop gaming. Build a tent and a fire pit using recycled materials. Students can make one of each or multiples of either kit.

This year, we're going on a trip for our classic focus! Let's revisit everyone's favorite alternate universe as we go through the looking glass~!

Art is often thought of as paint on canvas, charcoal on paper, or ink on board. Our panelists discuss the challenges and joys of working with alternative media and materials.

2017 April 22, 11:30

Members of the SCA show off their fighting skills.

Battle to the death, in D&D style arena combat! Easy to play, no prior XP needed. Winner goes on! Treasure and bragging rights to the champion!

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson

Orientation to the Cosmere. Connect the dots of how Mistborn, Stormlight, Warbreaker, and other Cosmere books explicitly, implicitly, and extra-canonically connect.

What does it mean to say a character is "well rounded", how does an author accomplish this, and how does it integrate into the story at large?

Good Morning, Comrades. In Soviet Russia the coffee may be vintage World War II, but the SF was fresh and groundbreaking. Drink up! Art, literature, and film of the Soviet Union was surprisingly diverse and unique and together we can explore it over a hot cup of Kofe.

We analyze the different approaches to battle-writing in the Wheel between Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. The differences are a hot topic in the fandom, but whichever one you like best, if you love battles this panel is for you!

Alan Romanczuk worked as one of Jordan's assistants for many years, and he also worked with Sanderson throughout the completion of the final three books. He brings this and his experience as a combat veteran to the table. Michael Livingston brings his experience as a writer; he has studied this particular topic in depth and has given dedicated lectures on it in the past. We're excited to have both of them here to discuss the nuances of battle-writing. We'll discuss what Sanderson has said about it in interviews and on social media, and we'll take questions from the audience.

Create colorful designs using paints on silk, perfect for a Red Hand or other pennant. Students will make a small square silk banner.
Class is part of the SCA demo.

Swords & Sorcery

Ethnic Diversity is an ever growing field in Fantasy as authors break through the barriers of whitewashing and address other cultures. How is this affecting the books we read? Come on in and let's discuss!

Start your morning with our hilarious take on the well-known game. Two teams, 4 artists, 2 sketchpads, and some sharpies. What could possibly go wrong?

Hosted by Jeff Jarvis, this panel has rapidly become a JordanCon favorite. Don't miss it!

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson

Learn why and how all these different Cosmere magic systems are manifestations of the same system with overarching rules and principles

Come for a reading and Q&A with our Guest of Honor, Chuck Gannon

Where we discuss the young women who rule the physical and political wastelands of dystopian YA literature.

Have coffee in an intimate session with Stephen Hickman

Who were all the guys in Mat's memories? What's their story? And wait... didn't he have old memories before he ever visited the 'Finns? Let us help you get it all straight!

Create ringed scale mail. The small square sample can become part of a larger piece later. Tool and scales are included in the supplies cost.

Teacher is part of the SCA Demo hosted at the convention.

Big fan of Bob? Bigger fan of the Za Lord? Come chat about what's up in Chicago! About what you ask? Come join us and you'll find out!

Our Artist Guest of Honor shares some highlights from his four-decades long career, as well as the work that earned him a Hugo Award and 6 Chesleys.


Preview of upcoming releases from Tor books

There can be only one! Champion will be announced at awards ceremony.

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson

Discuss the Stormlight Archive series. Spoilers abound. Save speculation for the Speculation panel

Other cultures and ethnicities shouldn't just be after-thoughts. Our panel explores the idea of diversity in writers, readers, and writing itself.

Following up on our great panel from last year, we examine The Wheel of Time from a Science Fiction point of view. This year we tackle a Wheel of Time built on diesel, chrome, and the end of civilization. Of course the world did end, it was broken and this panel will talk about the ways things could have been different if the Dragon Reborn had born into a world of gangs and guns, instead of kingdoms and swords.

Have coffee in an intimate session with Charles Gannon

Readings by Author Guests Alex Hughes and J.R. Mounts

Beginners guide to Japanese Temari. Temari balls are scrap cloth wrapped in layers of yarn, crochet thread, sewing thread, then embroidered with geometric designs.
Students will learn to create the core ball in this class. Finish the ball before the second section of the class on Sunday.

Swords & Sorcery

A talk about the research principles behind Michael Livingston's academic work and the Shards series with current research on the death of Harold at the Battle of Hastings.

Art Show
2017 April 22, 16:00

An introduction to the use of colored pencils as a professional art medium, with techniques you can also use in adult coloring. Fantasy illustrator Charles Urbach, who uses colored pencils exclusively in his published work, will demonstrate techniques to broaden your skill set and push the boundaries of what you can do, forever changing how you think about colored pencils.

Pre-registration is not required for this session. Come learn with us!

We'll share a bit of what we found in Robert Jordan's notes at the College of Charleston Addlestone library. Exclusive to JordanCon!

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson

*Plausible* speculation about the past, present, and future of the Cosmere. Spoilers abound.

Come see a mix of guests become the mighty "Delphic Oracle", a hive mind that will answer any and all of your questions. A fun, creative improv game.

Is a cyborg hunting you in the ruins of Ole Topeka? Is some mad man trying to steal your gas? Has some dictator set up shop in a prison/army base/ old library and doesn't like your face? Well then you might be watching some Apocalyptic Cinema. Come talk about your favorite post civilization movies and their impact on film and Science Fiction in general.

Have coffee in an intimate session with Team Jordan

Readings by Author Guests Gerald L. Coleman and Ellie Raine

World of the Wheel

Come and try your Trivia skills in the annual Illian Trivia Bee! Individual competition.

Discuss the steps needed after a comic is drawn, such as formatting, copyright, publishers, and printer issues. Expect jokes and more.

Swords & Sorcery

The Force Awakened last year and now we're mourning the loss of Rogue 1. The Teaser Trailer dropped last week, too! How do these "fit" and what's coming next?

Entries for the Costume contest will have their chance to display their costumes for the judges before being presented to the crowd. Costume Contest Entrants only.

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson

Karen and Peter Ahlstrom dish on the inner workings of Brandon's operation.

A workshop to help practice quickly putting pen to paper, and then to share and get some feedback. Bring something to write with, because you will be.

Rivets & Robots

Dieselpunk. What is it? Let's talk the artists, authors, and movie makers of Dieselpunk.

Come watch our costumers present their master works as we present the second annual Jordan Con Awards.

2017 April 22, 22:00

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go, in your Pajamas. Come dance the night away at our Pajama Dance Party (public appropriate PJs only please)

Join hosts Jono, Joe and Tom for a LIVE recording of our podcast! Drinking, interviews and games with prizes. Special Guests: revered member of Team Jordan, Alan Romanczuk and -- never before heard from on our podcast -- Maria Simons! (also a revered member of Team Jordan). Two members of Team Jordan on one panel? It's crazy!

In the future, in a time and place accessible from all times and places, Venus has become the go to planet for those who want to get away and experience a wild time. So put on your best SF themed costume and bring your favorite SF adult stories to share, because what happens on Venus doesn't stay on Venus.

Our friends at E&D Games will run a pre-release just for us! Seating is limited, get to the game pavilion to sign up!

Boston is being plagued by a warlock who is using dark rites to summon a legendary evil. When the white council of wizards sends a bunch of green wardens to deal with it, will they succeed?

Sunday April 23rd, 2017

Art Show
2017 April 23, 11:30
2017 April 23, 13:00
2017 April 23, 14:30

Come pay for the art you won in the Art Show's silent auction, pick up that print you've had your eye on, or make last minute purchases in our Dealer's Hall. If you think you might have won something in the JordanCon Charity Auction, go to their booth to pay for your winnings.

The JordanCon Art Show and Dealer Hall closes at 2:30 PM on Sunday. Until next year.

2017 April 23, 11:30

How to make simple divisions and stitches for basic designs on Temari Balls with the core ball made in class 1. All Materials will be provided, $10.00
This is a continuation of Satuday's class where students learned to make the core balls.

Swords & Sorcery

What have you read since last year that we just have GOT to pick up? What was so awesome you can't believe no one's read it? This is a round table conversation about the great things happening in fantasy and what is out there ready to be devoured from the shelves!

World of the Wheel

Come show off your WoT knowledge in our craziest trivia event. Bring your friends, or join a team and make new ones!

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson

What might Reckoners, Rithmatist, and Apocalypse Guard all have in common?


Free-form discussion. Come get to know some of your fellow writer attendees and ease into the morning.

The Star Wars Rebels TV show is carving its own niche into the Star Wars Universe. It has brought into canon elements of the old Expanded Universe and especially the Old Republic. Let us take a moment to indulge in what is becoming a very interesting entry in Star Wars lore.

Have coffee in an intimate session with Team Jordan

World of the Wheel

The Wheel of Time is steeped in symbolism like a pickled onion. Join Linda for a tasty look at how Jordan used symbolism for a deeper appreciation of the series.

Stop in for a chat with and about the masters of Urban Fantasy

Creativity can be a lot of hard work. Join our artists as they discuss the sources of their inspiration, their creative habits and rituals, and the ancient art of practicing your art.

A preview of upcoming works from Baen Books.

First annual rankings panel. We ranked the top 10 characters prior to the panel; come express your outrage at our obvious oversights.

Things to think about when it comes to making money off your book, whether traditionally published or self-pub.

Let's talk about weapons of Sci Fi, those that go bang, pew pew, and stabby stab. Bring your favorite Cosplay or Prop/Collectable.

A discussion about the diferences in how our main boys and girls coped with life in a female-dominated world.

2017 April 23, 14:30

A unique opportunity to make a drawing or painting under the direction of both founding members of the Bird Whisperer Project! Workshop participants may admit their bird art into the official Bird Whisperer Project post for the month of April. Learn how each artist's bird drawing becomes a personal expression of self, and get tips on how you can do it, too!

This is the workshop section of Friday's "Meet the Bird Whisperer!" presentation. Attendance of that panel is not required to attend the workshop.

Comics, Graphic Novels and how they are affecting our reading habits.

Patreon, Facebook, Etsy, Kickstarter - the list of online tools available for marketing and selling your art has never been longer. Or more overwhelming. Our experts provide tips and effective advice to help you navigate the maze and discover which tools will work best for you.

Find out what's new and upcoming from Orbit and win some free books by playing Geek Jeopardy with us!

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson

Trivia from the Cosmere and other Brandon works. It's all fair game. Teams of 4 or less

You've written the book, but how do you get your foot in the door. Professionals listen to your pitches and give you feedback on how you did.

So what is coming in 2017 and 2018? What new trends and authors will you be following this year?

Readings by Author Guests A.R. Cook and John Hartness

Have any burning questions that weren't answered in A Memory of Light? We'll talk about all of these things, and we might even have some answers for you!

Swords & Sorcery

How to cope when your favorite book series is over, is delayed, or the writer is taking FOREVER! One person's view and a host of requests for help!

Book Signing with Charles Gannon

The Worlds of Brandon Sanderson

Wayne and Lift are beloved comic characters. We discuss their similarities, differences, and how they are used differently.

Walking the fine line of "Writing to Entertain" and "Writing to Say Something"

Nostalgia is very strong, but where do we see the future of SF television going? And we will talk ST Discovery

Readings by Author Guests Milton Davis and Jana Oliver

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