JordanCon 2018 (10) Vendor Tables & Badges


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If you see a red error above, please log in. Also, each Vendor option you plan on purchasing requires a separate JordanCon account to already be created (you can buy multiple at once, but each one requires an account). Please bear with us as we work out the kinks in the new system. We want to allow you to do these things at the required time, not prior to purchasing, however we need Perrin to beat the kinks flat with his hammer. Please read the FAQ for more in-depth details.

Dealer's tables are six feet long and include two chairs. Your purchase of one table includes a complimentary, full-access membership to the convention. You can also add an additional badge, if needed. Dealer tables are available for $85 and an extra Dealer Membership is $30. If you require more than 2 badges per table, please contact the JordanCon Dealer Hall director.

Please purchase no more than two tables at this time. Also, please limit extra badges to one per table.

Make sure you read JordanCon's Dealer Policy, below. By purchasing a table you are agreeing to this policy.

Details regarding Internet Access for Dealers is currently being gathered.

Our host hotel provides complimentary Standard Internet in guest rooms and event space, including the ballroom where the Dealer Hall will be located.

Dealer Hall Hours

Open to Dealers Open to Attendees Hall Closes
Thursday TBD N/A N/A
Friday 10:00:00 AM 02:30:00 PM 07:00:00 PM
Saturday 09:00:00 AM 10:00:00 AM 07:00:00 PM
Sunday 09:00:00 AM 10:00:00 AM 02:30:00 PM

Advertising Packages and Sponsorship Opportunities
We would be happy to discuss advertising options with you to increase your visibility in publications and at the convention. We also have several potential sponsorship opportunities available. Please contact us at to discuss a package tailored to your specific needs.

Dealer Policy

This agreement comprises JordanCon's Dealer Policy. Please read carefully before buying a table and print out a copy of this agreement for your records. By purchasing a table(s) from JordanCon, you agree to adhere to this policy in its entirety. All correspondence should to be mailed to:

1425 Market Blvd., Suite 530-68
Roswell, GA 30076

  1. JordanCon, Inc. agrees to provide one (1) or two (2) Dealer tables, and either one or two memberships depending on purchased options at JordanCon, April 20-22, 2018, hereafter referred to as "JordanCon," for a total cost of $85 per table and 1 membership or $115 per table and 2 memberships to you the purchaser, hereafter referred to as "Dealer."
  2. Dealer agrees to provide payment in full at time of reservation. No refunds will be given after March 1, 2018. Refunds will only be given in the event that the convention is canceled.
  3. JordanCon agrees to provide table space, as specified above, to the Dealers at JordanCon, in the meeting room designated for the Dealer Hall, barring any unforeseen acts of God which may occur prior to or during these dates to prevent space being available.
  4. Dealer agrees that JordanCon, its directors and its volunteers, shall not be responsible for items lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed during the convention.
  5. Dealer table space assignments are the sole responsibility of the Senior Director of Finance and the Dealer Hall Director. Dealer agrees to keep the assigned area clean and be responsible for any damage caused by the Dealer or Dealer's personnel. Booth and tables are to remain in the specified space and configuration as placed by JordanCon.
  6. The rights granted to the Dealer may not be sold, sublet, given or otherwise transferred to any third party.
  7. Dealer acknowledges that JordanCon grants no terms of exclusivity or other licensing agreement to the Dealer.
  8. Dealer agrees to do business only during posted hours and not to engage in any disruptive activities including, but not limited to: unloading and/or moving merchandise into or through the Dealer Hall area during business hours; packing and unpacking of merchandise outside areas leased to the dealer; excessive noise; or any activity deemed by JordanCon to be disruptive to other exhibitors or not in the best interest of JordanCon or any of its participants (i.e. incense burning, excessively loud music, etc.).
  9. JordanCon does not obtain ASCAP/BMI licensing that will allow the use of live or recorded music at your booth or table. Dealers interested in playing copyrighted music must notify us in writing, and obtain the proper licensing from BMI at (800) 366-4264 and ASCAP at (212) 621-6000. If a dealer playing copyrighted music cannot produce the proper documents, JordanCon has no choice but to request that the music be turned off.
  10. Dealer agrees to display and/or sell merchandise, which is consistent with all International and U.S. copyright and trademark agreements, as well as with all laws of the City of Dunwoody and the State of Georgia. Dealer should be prepared to present, in writing, proof of license for any and all THE WHEEL OF TIMEĀ® merchandise sold in the Dealer Hall.
  11. Dealer agrees that any violation or breach of this agreement may result in the cancellation of this agreement and forfeiture of the Dealer's leased space without refund.
  12. The foregoing represents the full agreement between JordanCon and the Dealer.

You will be asked for Membership and Badge information upon Checkout.

By accepting a JordanCon badge, you consent to the Jordancon Harassment Policy. You waive all claims and hold harmless JordanCon, Inc., its officers, and its staff, and its volunteers for any claims arising from noncriminal errors or omissions, and from claims arising from the acts of third parties, including but not limited to other attendees or venue facilities or venue staff. You expressly acknowledge that your attendance at the JordanCon event is at your own risk, and that JordanCon, Inc. expressly disclaims any liability arising from, and any responsibility for, known or unknown allergens contained in food, costumes, furniture, animal life, or any other source found on or near the premises of the JordanCon event.

You are responsible for, and you agree to indemnify JordanCon, Inc. for any claims arising from, any and all damage you cause to the property of Jordancon, Inc., or any third parties, including but not limited to other attendees, the venue, or bystanders. You further understand that any violation of Jordancon rules will result in the loss of your membership and badge. You acknowledge that access to all JordanCon functions requires a validly-issued JordanCon badge worn in plain sight. Jordancon, Inc. is under no obligation to replace missing, stolen, or lost badges.

You consent to the use by JordanCon, Inc., of any photographic image accurately depicting your presence at the JordanCon event, except that no image which depicts your use of alcohol or realistic simulation of violence shall be used without your prior permission.

These provisions are inherent to the rights and privileges associated with access to JordanCon, and are binding upon any person to whom you transfer your access.

When selecting a different product from the list below, please wait for the price to update before adding it your cart. You will have an opportunity to double-check your purchase when you click the Shopping Cart link at top right to complete your purchase.
Please purchase no more than two tables at this time. Also, please limit extra badges to one per table.

Please fill out the extra fields in your profile under Additional Exhibitor Information for names to associate with your extra purchased badges. The fields will be used in order, up to your total number of purchased badges.
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