Eugie Foster Update

It is with a heavy heart we announce that frequent JordanCon guest speaker Eugie Foster has passed away after a long fight with cancer. Eugie was the beneficiary of JordanCon's 2014 Charity Auction. Best known for her short fiction, Eugie was a Nebula winner and Hugo nominee. She was a staple at JordanCon, even speaking on panels this year after being released from the hospital earlier that day. Like many of our Guests and Attendees, she was more than just a Guest, she was family. She will be missed by all of us at JordanCon. In lieu of flowers, her husband requests that we purchase her books so that we may remember her better.

May the last embrace of the mother welcome her home.

Official Update
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Hotel Block Open!

As always, JordanCon has a discounted room block available for your convenience. All rooms are $92 a night, plus relevant taxes. You can reserve your room by clicking here. JordanCon's room block is 100 rooms for Thursday, 150 rooms for Friday, 150 rooms for Saturday, and 80 rooms for Sunday.

JordanCon 6 - 2014 Wrap-up

First off, thanks to all our guests and attendees for once again making JordanCon such a special event! We couldn't make this event so much fun without you. A special thanks to all our volunteers! Without you the Directors would go insane, not sleep, not eat, and generally be much more ragged than we already are, at the end of the convention.

There were 633 of you. Wow, we so missed our projections of around 500, but we're so happy you all came and loved it!

Mayo Charity Events raised a total of $1,144

  • $740 - Seanchan Hold'em

JordanCon attendee release first novel

JordanCon is happy to announce that Wendy McCall Beck, an attendee at JordanCon, has release her first novel, 9th Life on April 13th, 2014.

So what’s 9th Life about?

Zookeeper Skyler Ashcraft prefers scorpions to skirts, but flirting with the feral gains new meaning when she unwittingly drugs a feline shapeshifter. The same rules should have applied: Approach with caution and the near-impossible keep your hands to yourself.

JordanCon 7 Guests Announced!

JordanCon is proud to announce our Author Guest of Honor will be Saladin Ahmed

We are also pleased to announce Todd Lockwood as our Artist Guest of Honor.

Nine Rooms Currently Available

Apparently the room shuffling terrified the Doubletree enough that they called me. They are adorable. But if you were looking for a room, give them a call ASAP. There are nine available right now.

JordanCon 6 Game - Asha'man Catch and Release

The Red Ajah is pleased to have your assistance in our yearly registration and monitoring of wild Asha'man! Below, please find details of your objectives.

  1. Asha'man are known to be tricksy and use the Mask of Mirrors to hide their identity! Be on the lookout for Asha'man not wearing their signature black coats. (Anyone, male or female, may sign up at the Red Ajah table starting at 11:00 AM on Saturday to be one of our Asha'man volunteers.)
  2. Asha'man may be identified by their black badge ribbon that helpfully says "Asha'man."

JordanCon 6 Game - Ta'veren Ties

Rules for the Game:

  • Ribbons must be purchased from our Ebou Dari Widow or from Tylin’s stash in the Art Show. The whole point is to raise money for the Mayo Clinic’s Amyloidosis Fund. And all proceeds for this event will be donated to Mayo.
  • Mat cosplayers may NOT buy ribbons for themselves. (He was lucky, but he didn’t cheat.)
  • Ribbons will be sold at $1 per foot, or $3 for a yard. For a $20 donation, you can buy a whole roll, but there will be a limited supply of these.
  • The Widow ONLY accepts cash.

Charity Auction to aid Eugie Foster

Once again JordanCon has decided to use our Charity Auction proceeds to aid one of our guests. JordanCon will be donating the entire proceeds of our annual charity auction on Saturday night to a great cause in the Genre. Eugie Foster, author of “Returning My Sisters Face And Other Far Eastern Tales Of Whimsy and Malice” and Nebula winner, has supported us since the beginning of JordanCon. Recently Eugie has been going through a rough patch and has been battling Large B-Cell Lymphoma. The JordanCon Board of Directors felt this is the least we could do to show our support and appreciation.

Costume Contest "Pre-reg"

While not truly a pre-reg, you might find it handy to go ahead and have this form filled out for pre-judging. True pre-registration will open Saturday morning in the Registration area.

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