Team Jordan Interview Question #2

What are you going to do with the time that you will have since this is all over? Any new projects on the horizon, or are you going to take a well-deserved break?

Alan: Secret projects. Only secret ones that cannot be discussed. And we never take breaks—always vigilant, always prepared.

Harriet: I don’t know. The only new project has been business-related, not editorial, plus a bit of charitable work. While on the last book tour I bought a pendant that looks like an egg, which I am wearing today. That’s sort of who I am right now- waiting to hatch.

Team Jordan Interview Question #4 & #3

Some of the food described in the books sound absolutely mouthwatering. Is there any WoT food you have always wanted to taste? Mine would definitely be Marin al’Vere’s honeycakes.

Alan: Ice pepper-infused oosquai; some of the ales that Mat enjoyed; and any of the vintages of wine served at the Anseline Gardens during the Age of Legends.

Harriet: I’ve always had a hankering for Ice peppers.

Maria: I would like to try Enid’s gilded fish, which Mat ate in Ebou Dar, especially if it was served with oysters and cream, as it sometimes was.

Hotel WiFi

When checking into the hotel, make sure to remind the front desk that you are with JordanCon and that you need the WiFi code for your room.

Team Jordan Interview Question #5

I know you have heard this one before, but it’s truly the end of an Age, and so it seems an appropriate time to re-ask this. You have spent many years working in the world of the Wheel of Time. Now that all that work is complete, do you have a favorite memory or experience that you would like to share?

Coloring Contest

Prove your artistic superiority!

For a $1 minimum donation to Mayo Clinic Amyloidosis Research, receive a fabulous coloring sheet donated by Amy Romanczuk at the Registration table. Use saidin, saidar, or whatever art supplies you’d like (some are available in the Perimeter Pavilion to borrow) to color it your own style of amazing.

Post it in the display area in the Perimeter Pavilion with the blue tape to share with the world. Post it by 7PM Saturday for judging - Prizes may be distributed!

Team Jordan Interview Question #6

Is there a particular entry from the Wheel of Time Companion that you are excited for fans to Read And Find Out? So far, I’ve found my favorite among the B’s.

Alan: The entry for Hawal Ford, for those who wonder how boats could navigate the River Mora from the upriver village of Medo down to the River Erinin. Also, for Ajimbura fans, the entry that describes his fate at the Last Battle.

Harriet: Yes, that’s where my favorite is, too.

Team Jordan Interview Question #7

There is a lot of information on the Wheel of Time. As you were going through Robert Jordan’s notes for the Companion, did you discover anything that was news to you? Any earth-shattering “Great Caesar’s ghost!” moments?

Alan: I’m still blown away from the time I learned that Moridin was originally slated to be a drag queen. No, disregard that, NOT TRUE! But it was fun to learn that the main character was initially conceived to be a Tam-like figure whose name was Rhys.

Harriet: A few.

The Countdown Has Begun!

With only a week left to go until JordanCon 8 officially kicks off, we have a special treat planned. In honor of the WoT Companion release, Team Jordan was kind enough to answer some questions for us. That's right, we have a brand new interview with Harriet McDougal, Maria Simons, and Alan Romanczuk!

Join us all week as we count down to JordanCon with a new question every day. Questions begin tomorrow and don't stop until we reach the Con!!!

The Fandom Smackdown 2016

Star Trek vs. Star Wars!
“Who said that?”

So you think you know the movies, shows, and characters that make up your favorite Science Fiction property? You think you know what each character in each iteration said and how he or she said it? Want to prove how good you are? Want to show everyone why your fan favorites are better than every other property out there? Well, this is your chance to do it, chummer.

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