Author Guest, James Palmer

James Palmer, Author Guest

James Palmer is a versatile, award-nominated author who has written everything from old-style pulp adventure and steampunk to space opera. His latest novel, Ix Incursion, is the first in an exciting new space opera trilogy.

James has written articles, interviews, reviews, columns, fiction and poetry for Strange Horizons,, The Internet Review of Science Fiction, Tangent Online and many others, including an interview with the late award-winning author Jay Lake that was translated into Greek for a fanzine. His fiction has appeared in the anthologies Gideon Cain: Demon Hunter, The Amazing Harry Houdini Volume 1, Mars McCoy: Space Ranger Volume 2, The Black Bat Returns, Legends of New Pulp Fiction, Tales of the Peregrine Omnibus Volume 2 and Blackthorn: Thunder on Mars. He is the creator (along with former comics scribe Jim Beard), of the popular shared world, alternate history giant monster anthology series Monster Earth and Betrayal on Monster Earth, published by Mechanoid Press. Also for Mechanoid Press, James edited the weird western anthology Strange Trails and published Super Swingin’ Heroes 1968 Special, which features a story by comics legend David Michelinie. In 2014, James was nominated for the New Pulp Award for Best Short Story.

His other works include Archer of Venus, Into the Weird, a collection of his short fiction, and his space opera novels Incursion and Light of Ages.

When not writing, James enjoys spending time with his family and blogging about self-publishing and 80s sci-fi and pop culture. James lives in Northeast Georgia with his wife and daughter and is currently hard at work on his next space opera trilogy. For more info, and to get a free e-book, visit