Author Guest, Aaron-Michael Hall

Aaron-Michael Hall, Author Guest

Aaron-Michael Hall is an award-winning speculative fiction author originally from Illinois. Since August 2015, she has written nine full-length novels and published five. Her first novel, The Rise of Nazil, has won numerous reader awards.

Now, when she is not interviewing indie authors on her Desu Beast Blog, being super mom, wrangling stampeding miniature dachshunds or managing her 9 to 5, she is interweaving genres, creating languages and adding just the right edge to keep you turning pages.

Hall created the Mehlonii language for her diverse epic fantasy series. Along with intriguing characters, multilayered plots, new species, deities and creatures, the Mehlonii language adds that fantastical element missing from most modern epic/high fantasy. You can listen to samples of the spoken Mehlonii language on her website.

It is her hope that the readers enjoy the wonders of FaƩlondul and Ahmezurhran even more than she enjoyed writing about them.