Program Participant, Tom Maringer

Tom Maringer resides in Springdale Arkansas where his is the owner of Shire Post Mint, a family business that is devoted to making licensed artifacts from fantasy worlds for the purpose of helping fans connect to their favorite authors and immerse in the fantasy worlds. Tom is the son of a metallurgical pioneer and inventor, and garnered much attention in the 1980s as one of the world's top makers of handmade custom swords. In 1981 Tom introduced the first thermoformed kydex knife sheath, which has become ubiquitous today. Among other honors, he won the first annual W.W. Cronk "Best of Show" award at the Knifemakers Guild Show 1984, and the Best Fighter award at the 2009 Knifemaker's Guild Show. But for fans of Science Fiction and Fantasy he is best known for the authorized in-world handmade coinage made for George R.R. Martin's A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE series, as well as for Robert Jordan's THE WHEEL OF TIME series, and Patrick Rothfuss' THE KINGKILLER CHRONICLE series.