Team Jordan Interview Question #7

There is a lot of information on the Wheel of Time. As you were going through Robert Jordan’s notes for the Companion, did you discover anything that was news to you? Any earth-shattering “Great Caesar’s ghost!” moments?

Alan: I’m still blown away from the time I learned that Moridin was originally slated to be a drag queen. No, disregard that, NOT TRUE! But it was fun to learn that the main character was initially conceived to be a Tam-like figure whose name was Rhys.

Harriet: A few.

Maria: I can’t recall anything like that; of course, I’d had access to the notes for a long time. When he first gave me some notes to organize, back in about 1997, the first thing I did was to look up Verin. I was so stoked, but I couldn’t talk about it with anyone but RJ, which was very hard. And I found other nuggets while working with Brandon on the final three books, but I can’t remember anything earth-shattering.