Team Jordan Interview Question #6

Is there a particular entry from the Wheel of Time Companion that you are excited for fans to Read And Find Out? So far, I’ve found my favorite among the B’s.

Alan: The entry for Hawal Ford, for those who wonder how boats could navigate the River Mora from the upriver village of Medo down to the River Erinin. Also, for Ajimbura fans, the entry that describes his fate at the Last Battle.

Harriet: Yes, that’s where my favorite is, too.

Maria: I found Doesine Alwain’s entry hilarious; she’s a rather minor character, but RJ had her well fleshed out in his mind, and I love that entry, and many of the other Aes Sedai entries (like Serafelle Tanisloe’s) that filled in backgrounds that were at best hinted at in the books.