Team Jordan Interview Question #5

I know you have heard this one before, but it’s truly the end of an Age, and so it seems an appropriate time to re-ask this. You have spent many years working in the world of the Wheel of Time. Now that all that work is complete, do you have a favorite memory or experience that you would like to share?

Alan: In middle school, my son and Maria’s son were attending the same school in Charleston, and Maria had gotten RJ to sign and donate a copy of The Eye of the World for a school auction. The Romanczuks were high bid. My son was the first in the family to read the book, and afterwards said he thought RJ was the best author in South Carolina. A couple years later, when my son was twelve years old, I started working for Robert Jordan. Priceless was the look on the boy’s face when he learned where his dad was going to be employed. But now that I think of it, he may just have been happy that I got a job. Guess I’ll have to ask him.

Harriet: Gosh, there are a lot. One is when I had begun editing EYE, and said to Jim, now, when they get to Tar Valon… (something I don’t remember) and he said, “They don’t get there, Harriet.” When Mat wakes up, and knows he’s “somewhere rich.” If I hadn’t already been in love with Jim, I would have fallen for him in editing this wonderful stuff. It was always a thrill, all the way through.

Maria: There have been so many memorable moments that I can’t choose one, so here are several. Listening to RJ sing when he came into the office . . . RJ giving me notes to organize in 1997, with a spoiler alert . . . finding the prologue of The Path of Daggers on the stairs, asking RJ why it was there, and almost swooning when he said I was to edit it for continuity and anything else I saw that struck me . . . sitting by the pool sipping champagne with RJ and Harriet in celebration of getting The Path of Daggers ready to go to New York, and doing it again after Winter’s Heart . . . listening to RJ talk to Mike Ford and trying really hard to keep up . . . talking with RJ about the ending of the series, and how he had so many things that he wanted to write . . . meeting Brandon . . . the amazing first JordanCon, which helped me to deal with my grief over RJ’s death . . . the midnight release for A Memory of Light, which was at the same time incredibly happy and incredibly sad . . . going with Harriet to London for WorldCon when the entire series was nominated for the best novel Hugo . . . talking with George R. R. Martin in his lovely theatre on our Companion signing tour. I’ve got over twenty years of memories now, and this just scratches the surface. Catch me at JordanCon and I can tell you about the fox urine, almost clubbing the cook, my encounters with the police, the raccoon hat trick, and many other things.