Team Jordan Interview Question #2

What are you going to do with the time that you will have since this is all over? Any new projects on the horizon, or are you going to take a well-deserved break?

Alan: Secret projects. Only secret ones that cannot be discussed. And we never take breaks—always vigilant, always prepared.

Harriet: I don’t know. The only new project has been business-related, not editorial, plus a bit of charitable work. While on the last book tour I bought a pendant that looks like an egg, which I am wearing today. That’s sort of who I am right now- waiting to hatch.

Maria: Aside from The Wheel of Time related stuff, I’m also the office manager and generally am able to find things to fill my time. It’s not nearly as much fun as working on a WoT book, but there’s still WoT stuff to do to, such as approving fabulous new t-shirts from Ta’veren Tees or a beautiful WoT coloring book from Amy Romanczuk or other great items from the rest of our licensees.