Team Jordan Interview Question #1

We love getting to spend time with you at JordanCon each year! Is there any particular aspect of JordanCon that you look forward to the most? Or anything that stands out from other conventions that you have attended?

Alan: Gosh, there are so many things: the drinking to excess, watching Blademaster wannabes maniacally bruising one another with ugly sticks, seeing the works of artists who transform baby dolls into monstrosities. It’s a laugh fest. At risk of sounding trite, though, I most look forward to seeing Jen and Jimmy who have given so much of themselves to the Con, all the volunteers, and, especially, the fans of the series, those who have carved out a place in their lives and hearts for The Wheel of Time, many of whom I am grateful to be able to call friends. And, besides, what convention can boast the continued presence of the dirty boys from tWoTcast?

Harriet: I look forward to seeing all of the folks who come!

Maria: The thing that I love the most is the people who show up; it truly is like a family reunion. We have lots of shenanigans (and remarkably little negative drama, compared with some other cons I read about) and everyone is looking out for everyone else. The panels are always engaging, karaoke is always a blast, and the costume contest is unending fun (unless I have to judge it; then it’s not so much fun having to choose between so many stellar efforts), and the dance party is so entertaining that we have had other events crashing it. I look forward to it all. But really, just hanging out and talking with all the different people rocks the most.