Seanan McGuire

Seanan McGuire

Bios are hard, aren't they?

We could tell you that Seanan McGuire was born and raised in Northern California, but everyone knows that. We could tell you that the first venomous reptile she was bitten by was the Northern Pacific rattlesnake, and that this didn't stop her from thinking she should study herpetology (although she eventually switched her major to folklore), but that's old news. We could tell you that she once crossed the Canadian border in a hot air balloon, discovered concrete dinosaurs in a British park, played with kangaroo bones in Australia, and drinks enough Diet Dr Pepper to make jokes about being self-embalming, but why would you believe us? It's improbable.

Then again, so is Seanan.

Seanan McGuire writes two urban fantasy series as herself, science fiction medical thrillers as Mira Grant, and stacks of short stories as whoever she feels like being at the time. She also records albums of original filk music, draws her own comic strip, travels excessively, and is working her way through all the Disney parks. She sometimes claims to be a renegade Disney Princess, and while that seems unlikely, it's a little too believable to deny out of hand. She won the 2010 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, and in 2012, became first woman ever to be nominated for four Hugo Awards on a single ballot. She doesn't sleep.

Seanan lives with three enormous blue cats (one Siamese and two Maine Coons), her collection of Marvel comics, too many books to count, and a wide assortment of toys, Disney pins, and BPAL. She's happy to talk about just about anything, especially when caffeinated. And she's always caffeinated (which may have something to do with her not sleeping).

Seanan is thrilled to be coming to JordanCon in 2013!

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