Rivets & Robots Weirdnesday!: Friday Fandom Smackdown Edition

Welcome to today's Weirdnesday blog! So as promised we will talk about the Friday Fandom Smackdown in this issues, but before we do, let us take care of some reminders.

Fire with Fire Group Read Through

Make sure that you get your reading done on this fantastic book written by our author GoH, Chuck Gannon. We will open discussion on the book as a whole on the 24th of March, a Friday.

Costuming in the Rivets & Robots Track

You are always welcome to dress up and come to a panel, no one is judging you. However, we have two panels where your costuming skills will come in handy. Saturday night we will have our Viva Las Venus adult themed story share, where we talk about fun topics, books, and movies. Sunday we will have our Weapons of the Future where you can show off any home made or purchased movie props and such. All related to futuristic weaponry. So come get your cosplay on!

Friday Fandom Smackdown

So this year we moved our Fandom Smackdown to Friday night where we feel it will flourish and become a staple of JordanCon. This year the Fandoms entered into the Smackdown are fan favorites Marvel and DC. Once again we are asking folks to get into teams of five (5) and if you can form them ahead of time, that would be great.

As last year, get yourself and four friends a team name and an affiliation - make your team name relevant to your chosen side. Email me, The Sean, at sciencefiction@jordancon.org with your name, team name, and the name of your team mates. Only one person on your team has to email me and have at least 3 people before emailing. We can probably fit six teams, but if more than that show up, we will make a way to fit you in.

Like last year, this year we will have trivia, but there will be more interactive portions as well. So know your comics, movies, and television shows. Teams will also receive points for best Team name and those on their teams wearing some kind of appropriate gear, from Tee Shirts to full costumes. More fun and more interaction than you have EVER HAD EVER!

Until next week...