Rivets & Robots Weirdnesday: Britain, Silk, and Coffee with Cosmonauts

Science Fiction reveals the inner monologue of a people or nation and has a way of allowing the reader and viewer to peer into the hearts of other cultures, within the context of a fictional story. With Rivets & Robots, we want to tap into the underlying diversity of Science Fiction and find the common ground and enjoyment there. So while working on the panels for 2017, I have had a few ideas for 2018 as well. PLUS I will reveal one of our panels for 2017 and then some news about our Group Read Through.

British Invasion

There are so many Big Name Properties in SF that it can be hard to work through them all and find a way to fit them in together. I was considering that I might need to include at least one panel about a certain alien doctor and his hijinks across the Universe, which is absolutely a child of the island nation. With that in mind I began considering what else I could include with that panel, to create a theme of sorts. So what better way to do so than to steal a pop culture phrase like British Invasion and apply it to some of our panels. So strap on your powder horn and take up your musket, because in 2018 the British are coming...


In addition to the theme of British Invasion, I have noted that every year we seem to be having a new kind of "punk" to enjoy. This year we will be talking about Dieselpunk (spoilers!), but next year (and likely in years to come) we will talk about Silkpunk and the SF of the Far East. So get prepared and read up.

Coffee with The Cosmonauts

So this year we are starting what I hope to be a Saturday morning tradition. We are having Coffee with the Cosmonauts this year, talking about Russian/Soviet SF literature and cinema. So if you have an interest or an expertise, let us know! If you know an actual Cosmonaut, that would be great to.

Group Read Through: Fire with Fire

So our first conversation was a great success. Now we are moving onto Chapters 5 to 11. So go ahead and make sure you have read that far! The next conversation will happen on Friday, February 3rd.

That is all for today, next week more panels and hopefully some news.