Rivets & Robots: Weirdnesday Blog! Pre JordanCon Track Highlight Reel!

So as promised this is our special full on sneak peak preview trailer for this year's Rivets & Robots, JordanCon Year 9 edition.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, this will be the last Weirdnesday Blog before the convention as obviously (and spoiler alert) JordanCon is next week. I might be a bit busy. There will not be a blog the week after either. So that means, first Wednesday of May will be the next blog, getting you ready for JordanCon 10 / 2018... but enough of that for now.

The Panels

As with last year, I wanted to bring a sense of diversity to the panels not just in terms of different aspects of Science and Science Fiction, but also the celebration of diversity. As we speak, the blinds are being lifted on new and old contributors that span race, gender, sexuality, and nationality. It is a great time to be a Science Fiction fan.

So without further delay... I give you your Rivets & Robots 2017 panel line up.