Rivets & Robots: Weidnesday Blog! Pre JordanCon Track Highlight Reel!

So as promised this is our special full on sneak peak preview trailer for this year's Rivets & Robots, JordanCon Year 9 edition.

Before we get into the nitty gritty, this will be the last Weirdnesday Blog before the convention as obviously (and spoiler alert) JordanCon is next week. I might be a bit busy. There will not be a blog the week after either. So that means, first Wednesday of May will be the next blog, getting you ready for JordanCon 10 / 2018... but enough of that for now.

The Panels

As with last year, I wanted to bring a sense of diversity to the panels not just in terms of different aspects of Science and Science Fiction, but also the celebration of diversity. As we speak, the blinds are being lifted on new and old contributors that span race, gender, sexuality, and nationality. It is a great time to be a Science Fiction fan.

So without further delay... I give you your Rivets & Robots 2017 panel line up.


Science Facts 2016 - 2017. I highly recommend coming to this one. I have great fellow panelists and the discussion will be very informative. It should put us in a good mind set for the rest of the con.

Streaming Atmo: The Past, Present, and Future of Military SF. One of my favorite sub-genres in SF, we will have our guest of honor, Charles E. Gannon as well as another fantastic panelist on board to talk about it. I suspect we might hit some interesting twists on the sub genre, so don't miss it.

Lost Voices of Science Fiction. This will be the panel where you hear names you may not have heard before or were on barely familiar. Bring your own hidden gems from the past or the present to share with others. Our other guest of honor, Stephen Hickman, will be on this panel.

Friday Fandom Showdown. I imagine you are getting tired of me talking this one up. Year 2 of our Fandom Showdown is going to be a real fun time. Get your teams together. There are prizes and fame.


Coffee with Cosmonauts. I mean com on, Charles E. Gannon, Soviet SF, and coffee. If you miss this one the party leadership will be disappointed.

YA Panel: Queens of the Apocalypse. Definitely trying something new here, so if you are a fan of these great female characters or the genre itself, come on and chime in.

The Wheel of the End Times. Last year we talked about the WoT as a potential space opera. Now we tap into another SF subgenre and tackle the series from that pov. I love all of my panels, but this is one I am definitely looking forward to.

Cinema of the Apocalypse. In line with our Saturday theme, we take a look at how cinema around the world has presented the end of the world to us. Both the good, the bad, and the downright cheesy.

Dieselpunk. Year 2 of our 'Punk' series! Don't miss out! Another panel where we will lean heavily on our audience.

Viva Las Venus. It is time to relax. Before hitting the pajama party, bring your best sexy (but decent) SF costumes to Sin Planet, where we will talk about all the things people do when Uranus is in retrograde. Again, costumes and Cosplay encouraged here as well as audience participation. However, remember our Harassment Policy.


Sunday with the Sith: Star Wars Rebels & The Old Republic. Get your Star Wars on and we may even talk the latest Thrawn novel.

Weapons of the Future. We will talk about the pew pew and the stabby stab. Bring props or cosplay weapons to show off, just remember the JordanCon Weapons Policy

Science Fiction Trends 2017. I till try and grab as many trends as I can, but I would love to hear from you where SF is headed in the next year.

Science Fiction Television Going Forward. Are we in the midst of a renaissance of SF Television? What do we all think of the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery? Let's wrap up the con with a good ole panel full of prognostication.