Program Participant, Richard Fife

Richard Fife was born and raised in the cornfields of Illinois, but now called Wilmington, North Carolina his home, where he works by day at the local university. By night, he has written a serialized novel (free to read or listen to on his website,, two plays that have been produced, and had two different serial columns published on He is the technical director of the Browncoat Pub and Theatre, North Carolina’s only non-profit drinking establishment that doubles as a geeky steampunk bar and intimate 42-seat theatre that specializes in original, local works. It also has also been voted the city’s Best Karaoke, and is where the karaoke system he brings in every year for the Friday Night Mixer comes from.

Fife has been involved with JordanCon from the first year, starting as a volunteer, then finding himself as the Toastmaster for JordanCon 3, and then being offered the role of Director of the Writers’ Track starting at JordanCon 5. He seems to be constantly accused of trying to steal back the Opening Ceremonies, and has been unjustly incarcerated by an Asha’man brute squad yearly.