Program Participant, Penny Dreadful Productions

Penny Dreadful Productions Staff

Penny Dreadful Productions is an Atlanta based conceptual design and physical production company bringing the world's creative needs to life. PDP encompasses many disciplines of art all under one roof- including Conceptual Design, Special Makeup and Prosthetics, Specialty Props, Costumes and Specialty Costuming, Public Art and Display, and much more. Our work has been seen in major motion pictures, professional theaters, and even purchased in private commissions. PDP uses the Steampunk aesthetic to show off their talents as artists, but has worked in almost all genres and styles. PD Productions also provides convention and special appearance services- including costume contest judging, awards hosting, demonstrations, and in depth panels. Turning your dreams into reality is our passion.

Remnant™ is the multi-media platform for Penny Dreadful Productions to showcase their talents through the mediums including (but not limited to) stories, games, videos, and artwork featuring the costumes, sets, and props designed for this line. Set in a post apocalyptic/steampunk world, Remnant™ has recently come to life in a series of short films to be released in 2012. From the rubble of time's decay, rises a relentless power: Remnant™.

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