Guest Publisher, Nikki Yager

Nikki Yager

Nikki is one of the owners of a small indie publishing company The Dragon's Rocketship Publishing. She and her sister-in-law started this publishing company in February 2016 to help fellow authors publish their works in an environment that was helpful and focused on the author's success instead of the money in their pocket. Unlike traditional publishers they provide feedback to each submission and dedicate that feedback on how to improve with a detailed explanation on what they think should be better with the option to re-submit in the future.

As two women they are the sole employees of the company, with a multitude of subcontractors hired to do editing, cover art, and formatting. As of date they have contracts with approximately sixteen authors, and have published a total of five novels and two short stories with two novels and a short story planned for November. Their main focus is science fiction, fantasy, thriller, horror, and paranormal; however, they have been open to other options as well.