New Toastmaster for JordanCon 8: Linda Taglieri

Announcing a change in plans for JordanCon 8! Due to personal reasons, John Strangeway will not be able to join us as Toastmaster this year. We know you were looking forward to him, but we have an excellent alternate in store for you who we know you will love just as much.

You've attended her JordanCon panels... You've seen her stunning dolls... You've read her blog... It is our pleasure to announce that Linda Taglieri will serve as our Toastmaster for JordanCon this year.

Linda is a longtime member of JordanCon and the mind behind the Thirteenth Depository! If you are not familiar, it's a Wheel of Time blog with a plethora of resources and many excellent posts including read-throughs. We encourage you to check it out!