For those coming to JordanCon from the Airport.

  • 1) Take the Red Line from the Airport
    • a) Airport station is past baggage claim. Follow signs(Head for Ground Transportation past baggage claim).
    • b) Have your ticket in hand as you enter and exit the stations.
  • 2) Exit at Dunwoody. You will actually see the hotel on the left side of the train as you are coming into the Dunwoody station.
    • a) Walk a block south to the hotel
    • b) Call the hotel and they can send a van to pick you up. Be sure to ask where the pick up point is.
  • 3) Note the frequency times based on when you arrive.
    • a) 6-9 AM Every 10 minutes
    • b) 9-3 PM Every 12 minutes
    • c) 3-7 PM Every 10 minutes
    • d) The Red Line will stop after 8:30 PM. You will have to take the Gold Line at the Airport. Exit at Lindbergh Station, then take the Red Line to Dunwoody station.

More information can be found at the official MARTA site.