JordanCon Award Winners 2017

JordanCon Hero of the Horn Awards for 2017 have been awarded.

The award for Volunteers was given to Rachel Little for all her hard work over the past 8 years.
The award for Fan Group was given to Theoryland, and accepted by Matt Hatch.
The award for a Professional who has supported JordanCon was given to Maria Simons.

This year's Con Game was the Darkfriend Hunt. We had a tie, so awards were given to:
Isaac Hardy and Zack Stevens.

The Arena Champion for 2017 is Kyle Hiddleston, who won an AEG 2016 Black Box donated by our game vendor, E&D Games.

The charity raffle for Robert Jordan's personal Go board was won by Lee Carpenter.

Our 5 year Volunteer pins were awarded to two members who have volunteered for the past 5 years:
Paula Sutcliffe
Jenna Sellars

The winner of our annual Seanchan Poker Tournament was Randy Word. The event raised $690 for the Mayo Clinic this year.