Author Guest, Jonathan French

Jonathan French photo

Jonathan French is the author of the Autumn’s Fall Saga, an epic fantasy series, and The Grey Bastards, a gritty, stand-alone novel. His debut work, The Exiled Heir, has been hailed as “…a combination of pen strokes that successfully resurrect the old world fantasy concepts of Beowulf, Prydain, Oz and Masters of the Universe.” Like many fantasy novelists, he originally developed his magical setting as a backdrop for the roleplaying games he ran for his friends. After submitting his creations to a once-mighty rpg company, he received an offer to purchase his intellectual property. Ultimately, he chose to keep his brainchildren close to home and began writing the Autumn’s Fall novels in earnest. Both Autumn's Fall books have become Kindle bestsellers, breaking into the Top 100 on the Epic Fantasy list.

An outspoken advocate on the merits and future of independent publishing, Jonathan has led panel discussions at conventions across the Southeast, with subjects ranging from marketing to art direction. He currently lives in Atlanta with his wife and toddling son, who can already throw a mean d10.

Current projects include the third Autumn’s Fall novel, a YA super-heroes series, and occasional freelance gigs for rpgs.