How to Purchase Space in the Art Show

If you'd like to put your art in our Art Show, this FAQ will walk you through the process. Note that we only accept Paypal for purchases.

If you are interested in sitting at a table throughout JordanCon, where you can discuss with your work with fans, your better option will be to purchase a Dealer table. (You can find out more about the Dealer Hall here.) Art Show space is designed to display (and sell) your art throughout the weekend without your being present. You can mark your art as "Not For Sale," but if you do decide to sell it in our silent auction, keep in mind we will be collecting a commission of 10%, part of which will go to benefit JordanCon's charity, the Mayo Clinic's Amyloidosis Research Fund.

Now on to the details.

Step 1. If you do not have a user account on this website (, go ahead and set one up.

Step 2. Read the Art Show's Rules thoroughly. You can find them listed under the What menu, or just go here.

Step 3. Before you go to purchase your space, make sure you are logged into your JordanCon account.

Step 4. Go to the Purchase menu on this site and find the link to Art Show space sales. If you don't see it listed, it may be because we have already sold out. Email to get your email put on the Artist Waitlist. If space opens up in our show, we'll let you know about it. (You can also check the current status of our show on the "About the JordanCon Art Show" page, listed as "This Year's Art Show" under the What menu.)

Step 5. Found the link to buy space? Good. Click it and read all of the text on that page. (Yes, including the disclaimer at the bottom.) If you haven't already read the Art Show's Rules, do so now, before you buy. Make sure you understand them. If you have any questions, just email

Step 6. Now for the fun part. First you'll add the type of membership you'll need to the cart. If you'll be attending JordanCon, GREAT! You get a free membership for yourself covering all three days of JordanCon when you buy your space. At the bottom of the page, below all the text, you'll see a product menu. Make sure that "Attending Artist Membership" is selected in this menu (note the check mark to the left), and then go ahead and click Add to Cart. After a few seconds, you should see a green confirmation message appear at the top of the page telling you that you just added an "Attending Artist Membership" to your Shopping Cart.

If you won't be attending JordanCon yourself and plan to mail us your art to put on display for you, then you will select the second item in the product menu, "Mail-in-Artist Membership." Our mail-in artists pay an additional $9 fee to put their art in our show. It will take a moment for the new product to update, so wait a few seconds before adding it to your cart. You'll see a little wheel turning at the right side of the menu, indicating that it's working. When you see $9.00 shown as the price above the menu and that little wheel is gone, go ahead and click Add to Cart. In a second or two, you should see the green confirmation message at the top of the page indicating you've successfully added a "Mail-In Artist Membership" to your cart.

Step 7. Panels and tables all cost the same for mail-in and for attending artists under our new system. The difference in their costs is the $9 Mail-In Artist fee. So, once you've selected your type of membership, you can now go back to the product menu and add in your display space. Please select either 1 table OR 1-2 panels. You may not select both a panel and a table at this time.

If you have typically purchased a large bay from us in the past, simply purchase 2 panels instead of 1 (it's the same amount of space and the same arrangement you have used before). You can click in the Quantity field to update your total number of panels to 2 OR you can update it on the next page when your review your Cart.

As before, make sure you wait until the new product and price is shown on the page before clicking Add to Cart. You should once again see a green confirmation message at the top of the page as items are added to your cart.

Step 8. After you've added your membership type and your display space to your cart, look for the blue Shopping Cart button at the top right of the page, just below the Countdown clock, and click on it to move forward into the Checkout process.

Step 9. On the next page, the Shopping Cart page, you can adjust the number of panels by clicking in the quantity field, changing the number and clicking Update Cart. If for some reason the Membership type isn't correct, you'll need to go back to the previous page to add the correct type to your cart. Basically, just double-check the contents of your cart on this page and then click the Checkout button to continue the Checkout process.

Step 10. On the next page that appears, the Registration page, add in your address (this is so we can mail you your check after the show) and badge details. Check that everything is correct before clicking the link at the bottom to continue the Checkout process.

Step 11. The Checkout page just shows what you already have in your cart again. Click to continue to the Review Order page.

Step 12. Almost done. Make sure you double-check all the details that appear on the Review Order page. At the bottom, click to continue to Paypal to complete your payment.

You should receive a purchase confirmation email within a few hours, but please email if you don't receive it.