The Fandom Smackdown 2016

Star Trek vs. Star Wars!
“Who said that?”

So you think you know the movies, shows, and characters that make up your favorite Science Fiction property? You think you know what each character in each iteration said and how he or she said it? Want to prove how good you are? Want to show everyone why your fan favorites are better than every other property out there? Well, this is your chance to do it, chummer.

This year we are starting up the SF Track Fandom Smackdown! Two sets of science fiction fans will face off in teams of five (5) to determine who is the true Master and who is the apprentice of fandom. This year we are pitting Star Trek against Star Wars.

What We Need from You

We are looking for four (4) teams of five players to compete in a 2 round elimination tournament. This is first come, first serve and pre-registration ends on Thursday the 21st, If we do not get 4 full teams by this point, we will open it to walk ins on the day of the event, which will be Saturday at 4:00pm. To get your team registered, email me (Sean) at with a team name and the name of at least three team members. Include Name and Badge Name if possible. If we have more than 4 teams, priority will go to those teams who have full (five) gentle being rosters. We will do our best to accommodate everyone who wants to participate.

How It Works

In each round, the teams will be given a quote that will be in the form of true false, multiple choice, or fill in the blank. They will have 30 seconds to answer. If they cannot do so or give a wrong answer, the other three teams (or in the second round, other team) will have a chance to chime in. In this case the other team(s) would only get 10 seconds to answer it. Each team will have a buzzer to buzz in.

A correct answer gets 5 points in the first round, 10 points in the second. The two teams with the best scores in the first round move onto the second, where the high score determines the ultimate Fandom Smackdown Champion!

The quotes will become progressively harder and MAY include quotes from movies, shows, and animated shows. We may even have some wild cards.

So get ready to Engage and May the Force Be With You.