Program Participant, Charles Urbach

"Unbound" by Charles Urbach

Charles Urbach is a writer and colored pencil artist with more than two decades of work in design, publishing, and illustration.

He began work in graphic design in the early 1990’s just as the technology of design was moving away from traditional cut and paste techniques into digital technologies. While working for regional newspapers across New York State, he earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts illustration, with an emphasis on colored pencil drawing, traditional painting, and printmaking. By combining techniques learned in the academic and professional worlds, Charles developed a unique approach to artwork that combines the resources of digital image manipulation with traditional fine arts media and techniques. The result of those explorations is a wide array of hand drawn colored pencil artwork that takes full advantage of the versatility afforded by technology, while remaining true to fine arts concerns.

His artwork, like the techniques employed in its making, is a blend of ancient and modern. His work explores fantasy, science fiction, and surrealistic imagery by drawing on a rich tradition of spiritual, literary, and mythological sources. Like a traveler on a journey, his work ventures into varied territories, not resting for long in any specific genre or subject matter. Everything from humor and children’s illustration, to high fantasy and science fiction find their way into his work. As a result, his art is recognized for its diversity and dynamic visuals that appeal to many different audiences and age groups.

Among Charles' projects include miniatures designs for Wizkids: Heroclix, illustrations for "Magic: The Gathering," "Legend of the Five Rings," and artwork for many games including "Infinite City," "Noble Treachery," "A Game of Thrones," "Star Wars," "Call of Cthulhu," and "Lord of the Rings," among a multitude of others. Clients have included Wizards of the Coast, Sony Online, AT&T and many game publishers and independent clients. His work has won awards at many major conventions, including Gen Con, DragonCon, Origins, ConVergence, MarCon and events across the world.

Charles’ personal artwork is published through his in-house studio and available via conventions and art exhibits throughout the country. Contact information and galleries of his work are available on his website, and on Facebook,