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UPDATE: The 2017 JordanCon Art Show is completely sold out; however, we do still have room in our Dealer Hall if you would like to join us as a vendor. You can purchase your Dealer table here, or look for them in the Store menu. If you have any questions, please email us at or

DECEMBER UPDATE: The 2017 JordanCon Art Show is completely sold out. If you would like us to email you next year when space for our 2018 show becomes available, please email us at

Thank you for your interest in the JordanCon 9 (2017) Art Show. To ensure it's a success for you as well as for us, please read the full rules before registering below. Please review the rules carefully before purchasing your space. We ask that each artist purchase only 1 table, 1 panel, or 1 large bay. As we enter March, we will allow artists already in the show to purchase additional space, if available.

All participating artists MUST sign a copy of the art show rules and return it to us, either by mail, email or in person at the event, to certify that you have read and understand them. If you do not understand something in the rules, please contact us at and we will be happy to answer your questions.

Wheel of Time Art

JordanCon accepts Wheel-of-Time–inspired fan art for display only, with the exception of licensed Wheel of Time artists, who may also sell prints or originals of their Wheel of Time art at the show. (There is a list of the currently licensed Wheel-of-Time artists on this website.)

We can not allow the sale of Wheel-of-Time related art at the show by non-licensed artists, although we do encourage artists to exhibit their Wheel-of-Time fan art as "Not for Sale" pieces, so that others may enjoy them.

JordanCon, however, encompasses much more than just Wheel of Time, and so too does our art show. We encourage our artists to showcase the diversity of their talents and put their original art in our show, whether as part of the Art Show's silent auction -- which benefits the Mayo Clinic -- or not. Any subject is welcome, but please do keep in mind we consider ourselves a family-friendly event. Prices for display space are shown below.

Mailed-In Art

Please read the rules regarding Mailed-In Art very carefully.

JordanCon will accept mailed-in art for display in the Art Show, but artists who are attending JordanCon receive priority. Our goal, after all, is to get more people to our event. Should the show sell out, we will alert the affected mail-in artists well in advance, and promptly issue a full refund.

Beyond the general awesomeness that is JordanCon, attending artists get the additional incentives of a discounted fee to display their art and a free JordanCon membership for themselves.

By accepting a JordanCon badge, you consent to the Jordancon Harassment Policy. You waive all claims and hold harmless JordanCon, Inc., its officers, and its staff, and its volunteers for any claims arising from noncriminal errors or omissions, and from claims arising from the acts of third parties, including but not limited to other attendees or venue facilities or venue staff. You expressly acknowledge that your attendance at the JordanCon event is at your own risk, and that JordanCon, Inc. expressly disclaims any liability arising from, and any responsibility for, known or unknown allergens contained in food, costumes, furniture, animal life, or any other source found on or near the premises of the JordanCon event.

You are responsible for, and you agree to indemnify JordanCon, Inc. for any claims arising from, any and all damage you cause to the property of Jordancon, Inc., or any third parties, including but not limited to other attendees, the venue, or bystanders. You further understand that any violation of Jordancon rules will result in the loss of your membership and badge. You acknowledge that access to all JordanCon functions requires a validly-issued JordanCon badge worn in plain sight. Jordancon, Inc. is under no obligation to replace missing, stolen, or lost badges.

You consent to the use by JordanCon, Inc., of any photographic image accurately depicting your presence at the JordanCon event, except that no image which depicts your use of alcohol or realistic simulation of violence shall be used without your prior permission.

These provisions are inherent to the rights and privileges associated with access to JordanCon, and are binding upon any person to whom you transfer your access.

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