Announcing: Homecoming Mums! Info and Survey

In honor of our #JCon10 theme - The Return - and our Homecoming Dance, we're offering an amazing new workshop this year - Homecoming Mums! This poll is to help us plan so we'll have enough workshop supplies on hand to go around.

Here are the details:
In case you aren't from Texas and are wondering what in the world this mum thing is about, there's a panel for you! At 5 p.m., our Mum Team will host an informative panel entitled Mums: What in the World?

THEN, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., the Workshop Room is open for all of your mum-making fantasies, just in time for pinning them spectacularly on your Homecoming Dance attire.

Mums will cost $45 a piece and all proceeds go to the Mayo Clinic to support amyloidosis research. If you miss the workshop, there will be a mum station at the Homecoming Dance manned by a brave, mum-tastic volunteer.

Please use THIS FORM to indicate below whether or not you're interested in making a Homecoming Mum.

Thank you for your help and support!