Announcement: Group Book Read 2017: Fire with Fire

Welcome to the Book Read 2017

This year as a group we will be reading our Guest of Honor, Charles E. Gannon's novel Fire with Fire. We feel this book will be a great conversation starter and allow those unfamiliar with Charles Gannon's work to become more familiar with this great author. What's more, reading Fire with Fire will help set the tone for some of panels and discussions at the convention.

  1. Every other week I will blog with my impressions of the book, taking portions of the book to open discussions among the group. I will try and stretch it out for at least 6 blog posts (12 weeks) to get us close to the convention.
  2. As we go along, we will solicit discussions and opinions from you, the attendees. This will help us shape the panel at Jordan Con.
  3. Finally, we will have a panel at the con with with the author himself. In fact there will be several panels where we can all interact with Charles Gannon, but this one will focus on Fire with Fire. Perhaps our GoH can give us some insights on why he wrote this book and how it came to be part of a series?

The first blog will be out on January 20th, a Friday.

Fire with Fire on Amazon

Fire with Fire on Good Reads