Charity Events

Charity Auction

JordanCon’s main charity fundraiser event is the silent Charity Auction, which is held all day Saturday, from 10 AM - 6:30 PM, in the Grand Ballroom, within the same space as the Art Show and Dealer's Hall. Items for the auction are donated by Tor, Team Jordan, and generous collectors, artists, and craftspeople. In past auctions, we have sold items such as Robert Jordan’s hat, Robert Jordan’s cane, prints of the Wheel of Time eBook covers, hand-made shawls, handmade beadwork, and rare notes and memorabilia from Jordan’s collection.

Announcing: Homecoming Mums! Info and Survey

In honor of our #JCon10 theme - The Return - and our Homecoming Dance, we're offering an amazing new workshop this year - Homecoming Mums! This poll is to help us plan so we'll have enough workshop supplies on hand to go around.

Here are the details:
In case you aren't from Texas and are wondering what in the world this mum thing is about, there's a panel for you! At 5 p.m., our Mum Team will host an informative panel entitled Mums: What in the World?

Now Hiring: Charity Special Events Team Lead


Charity Special Events Team Lead
Our fundraising goal is bigger than ever this year, so we are adding to our already amazing Charity Events volunteer staff. Our Charity Events team is looking for a Charity Special Events Team Lead to help coordinate all activities for Charity Events, excepting the Silent Auction and SeanChan Holdem' Poker Tournament.

This position reports to: Charity Events Director Jamie Cybert, and will have to occasionally coordinate with Cybert's second, Jeff Bernard (depending on cell service, etc. at the con).

Seanchan Hold 'Em Poker Tournament

The second charity event JordanCon hosts each year is the “Seanchan Hold 'Em” Poker Tournament, which takes place on Friday night during the convention. Players pay a $20 entry fee to compete in this annual event with a $10 buy-in (only one re-buy allowed). Cosplay is encouraged, but not required.

All proceeds from the Poker Tournament are given to the Mayo Clinic. On average, the Poker game generates about $600 a year for Amyloidosis Research.