JordanCon's Favorite Recipes: The Cosmere

The Cosmere

JordanCon prides itself on offering an inclusive and welcoming environment, where people of all stripes can have a wonderful time with other like-minded individuals. And by like-minded, we mean "people who love good books." We may look different, act different, believe different things, or come from all over the world, but at JordanCon we can both relish our similarities AND celebrate our differences.

So it's just a wee bit embarrassing that we hadn't already thought to create a drink to quench the thirst of our non-alcohol-imbibing friends, especially when one of those has been a frequent guest, a Guest of Honor and an ongoing supporter of JordanCon. But once we HAD realized our error, we immediately hurried to correct it. Chip put on his biggest thinking cap and came up with this lovely drink: The Cosmere. (And if you don't understand that reference, you can catch up here.)

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