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JordanCon 9 Charity Game: Ta'veren Ties

AKA "Pink Ribbons"

This year we are reviving a fun charity fundraiser event from a few years ago which we call "Ta'veren Ties." Our amazing (and tolerant) "Mat Cauthon" cosplayers will be given a token to identify them as participants in the game (please don't give your ribbon to someone who doesn't want to play). JordanCon's attendees will purchase pink ribbons to award to the Mat Cauthon cosplayer they like best. You award your ribbon to your favorite Mat by tying it on them (with their consent). We will count them on Saturday just before the Dance Party to see which Mat was JordanCon's favorite.

Please read below to find out more about how you can help us raise additional money for the Mayo Clinic's Amyloidosis Research Fund, all while having an amazing amount of fun.

Art Show Awards

The other three awards are determined by a vote in which any JordanCon attendee can participate. These are the aptly named "People's Choice" awards. Ballots for these awards are available at the Art Show and are counted at the end of the Silent Auction. Typically, there is a category for "Best Wheel of Time Art," as well as "Best Non-Wheel-of-Time Art," and then a final category for 3D art, such as sculpture, jewelry, or other mixed media or alternative media pieces that do not easily fit into a standard picture frame.