Product Catalog

JordanCon Eternal Membership

You are bound to the Horn of Valere, to be spun out at each and every JordanCon.


  • Membership to every JordanCon
  • Free Con t-shirt every year
  • If you do not attend a year, JordanCon will mail you your program, badge, and t-shirt

Any other benefits added to the Eternal Membership will be added to all Eternal Members.


JordanCon 2018 (10) Art Show Membership & Space

Thank you for your interest in the JordanCon 10 Art Show! To ensure it's a success for you as well as for us, please read the full Art Show rules carefully before purchasing your space. We ask that each artist purchase only 1 table OR 1-2 panels. As we enter April 2018, if our show has not already sold out, we will allow artists already in the show to purchase additional space.